Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Governor Rick Perry Warming To New Texas Flag

Texas Governor Perry $eeing Green
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service
Efforts to replace the Texas State flag with a new one has faced a new wrinkle. Governor Rick Perry is reportedly warming to the idea of the group Fly The Flag Of The First Republic's (FFFR) proposal.
Figley C. Winley, president of the FFFR announced the group's proposal on Tuesday at his home in Dalhart, Texas. "We see no reason to continue to fly the Texas state flag with its inclusion of the Confederate Bonnie Blue battle flag in the left panel. Neither do we believe that one group that wants a facsimile of the University of Texas Longhorn flag reconfiguring the white panel and omitting the Lone Star is a wise choice. Likewise, the Texas Aggie proposal to replace the Bonnie Blue with a burgundy panel with the orange Texas Longhorn emblazoned on it makes no sense. There is only one logical conclusion that is both historically accurate and in keeping with Governor Perry's love of the idea of a Texas Republic. That is to return to the flag of the first Texas Republic, the 1813 flag sometimes called the 1812-1813 flag," said Winley.
Following the MaGee-Gutierrez expedition, a part of the Republican Army of the North of Mexico's Texas territory declared its independence from Spain and the expedition upon its arrival in central Texas in 1812 lifted its bold, inspiring and slavery-symbol-free flag of a new republic for the first time.
"There is only one clear choice for the new flag of Texas," said Winley. "This is a choice that is true to history, true to our Republican Governor's passion for Republican values and true to a future vision of a State that will lead the world and in which our native son, Rick Perry, if he should run for President of the United State could proudly be wrapped. The 1812-13 flag of the First Republic of Texas,"  said Winley as he unfurled the brilliant banner to the thunderous applause of about 50 die hard Dalhart onlookers.

Hispanic leaders in Texas have been mixed on their support of the green flag while Irish Texans are overwhelmingly for it.  "MaGee died mysteriously before the First Republic could be fully established and the MaGee/Gutierrez or Gutierrez/MaGee Expedition, as it has alternately been known while successful at defeating the Mexican Army, was not without dissension as evidenced by the etymology of the Spanish word "Gringo", having derived, some believe, from a growing disrespect for the flag....as in "Green Go.....away".  Sean O'Hennessee McDougal of the environmental group Texas Irish & Spanish Catholics for A More Just, Verdant and Sustainable World and his wife, Dr. Magdelena Rios Rojos McDougal, have said of the resurrection of the First Republic of Texas Flag "Go Green! Go!"

1812-1813 First Republic of Texas Flag

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