Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Canadian Cover Up Continues Church Up In Arms

Human Trafficking Watchdog Office Closing
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service
With the announcement that the Canadian government would be defunding the puny $300,000 earmarked for the Office to Combat Trafficking In Persons or OCTIP, a fight against human trafficking in a region that has already become the focal point of the government sponsored eugenics program against indigenous children, the feisty, Gospel sensitive and truth-telling Archbishop of Vancouver, formerly of the Houston-Galveston Diocese of Texas, has pledged his support to reverse the blatant Canadian misstep. Delivering his recent sermon in Spanish, Archbishop Miller reinvigorated Catholic Christians and Protestant alike who have seen the history of the region's crimes against humanity systematically hidden from public view.
Vancouver Archbishop Michael Miller given go
ahead to bring sanity, humanity and Gospel
back into Vancouver's public arena.

Purposely recruited for his role as a church leader from what has been called the "Shadow Capital of the World", Houston, Texas, Archbishop Michael Miller is believed to bring to his new role a grass-roots understanding of the brutality of power politics used to silence anti-tyranny movements.
Today's Vancouver Sun has placed a clarion call to decent citizens of the region to demand that their government accept responsibility and accountability. "I believe that it's high time we Christians of all persuasions began living the Gospel message...."Who is my mother and brother? Those who do the will of God in Christ. And what is that?  To exterminate people who aren't like me?" asked twenty-four year old Nina Santa Ana St. Clair Brown of Vancouver. "In Christ there is neither East nor West, slave nor free, Jew nor Greek, Indian, Asian, Anglo, Hispanic, male nor female....nor human trafficking," she said defiantly. "I am so glad that we finally have a Christian leader who will run the Gospel up the highest flag pole and wave it in the tyrants' faces," she concluded.

Sources from within the Archdiocese have indicated that the Archbishop has begun recruiting from distant regions those with a broad understanding of the depth and breath of the criminality behind this recent move to hide from Canadian history its most troubling reality.

Those close to Rev. Kevin Annett whose book Hidden From History first uncovered the Canadian genocide said "It's a darn good thing that Archbishop Michael Miller isn't married or they'd be promoting his wife to some high ranking government office while encouraging her to divorce him while paying for the divorce lawyer as an added incentive.  Their modus operandi is to destroy the family unit, all family units, by the power of the godless state."
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