Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, June 19, 2011

John Templeton Armstrong Forbes September 4 1968-June 18, 2011

Enlightened Leader Dies From Car Bomb

Forbes'  2004 Nissan following bomb Saturday
bomb blast in Glendale, Arizona.
By Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Glendale, AZ.  John Templeton Armstrong Forbes who made a fortune following the Golden Rule died on Saturday when a bomb exploded under his car parked near the Piazza Al Forno in Glendale, Arizona.  Forbes's business, DUTO-AY-WHODUY, Inc. was begun on a dare while attending a seminar at the Harvard Business School.  "I had just learned that a prominent business man had given Harvard several million dollars to endow a chair of business ethics, but that the gift was rejected.  It seems that there was no real interest in the subject.  Students were more interested in learning the ins-and-out of international banking and capital flight than in a course in business ethics," Forbes had said in an interview with Business Month Magazine last month. 

"Students at America's leading colleges have totally forgotten the fact that manufacturing is not coming back to the U.S. without a fight to replace it.   The fact is that the only thing we have that people really, really want is freedom.  In the past that was our gift to the world.  Anybody can make crap....low tech.....high tech.....it's all the same....it molds, it rusts, it becomes obsolete, it wears out.  It can be made cheaper and cheaper and faster and faster, but freedom and liberty never wear out and that is, or was,  our unique commodity.  'Give me liberty or give me death' and 'Don't tread on me' were our brand names," said Forbes who had announced last week after finding that former Blackwater CEO, Erik Prince, had become a mercenary for the Arab monarch, that he was creating a new company called Magnificent Seven Security, Inc..  "Our arsenal of freedom has increasingly been used to wage a war against the weak.  That is not the way it was in the beginning.  The American agenda has been kidnapped and sold into slavery.  With online contributions from the millions and millions of oppressed and increasingly enslaved we would be able to pool resources to help in their fight against the tyranny of the dictators on which the Globalists depended to enforce their slavery progroms," said Forbes who was in Glendale visiting his fiance, Mini Garrafon, a former cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals.

Under advice from his attorney,  Forbes, concerned that MGM who had copyrighted the name "Magnificent 7" might see the company name as a copyright infringement, moved to change the name to "Braveheart Security Inc.", but his attorney said that Icon Pictures controlled by Mel Gibson and Alan Ladd, Jr. might also file suit, especially with Gibson's alleged Fascist interests and with his strong support of Nike in the film What Women Want...Nike being a significant supporter of tyranical regimes in Third World countries. Forbes took another course.   "That's when he went to Spartacus Security Inc., said Garrafon, but then they thought that Bryna Productions owned by Kirk Douglas, father of Michael Douglas might also object.   So he settled on Spart-I-Can Security Inc.," said Garrafon.  "He thought it focused nicely on the empowerment of the individual over the tyrannical state run slave industry," Garrafon concluded.

Grief stricken Miss Garrafon, said "John and I were going to be married on June 25th in a double ring ceremony.  I wanted a triple ring ceremony, but he didn't think he could bend down and elegantly put the third ring on my little toe.  They got him.  That was my biggest fear, but we both were prepared for it.  He knew that they would come after him or me.  They come after your family first in order to shut you up, but John would not be silenced.  He was like Pat Tillman and Col. Ted Westhusing, his heroes, along with Marine General and two time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Smedley Butler.  He was all about substance and abhorred the propaganda, like when the military pulled that Jessica Lynch charade," said Garrafon who had her own public issues with appearance over substance in her work as a cheerleader.

"John had committed himself to highest standards of the American Revolution...'Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'.....but not at someone elses' expense...and not without helping other do the same," said Garrafon who explained that Forbes had made a life long passion of studying the life of Butler and the political dynamics of Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua following the attempt of William Walker to carve out a new slave region following the American Civil War.

Funeral services for John Templeton Armstrong Forbes will be held in Beaverton, Colorado in a private ceremony on Tuesday, June 21.

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