Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Governor Rick Perry Being Pushed For New Texas Flag

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Flags tell a story and none as colorful as the state flag of Texas.  Given the name "The Lone Star Flag", this flag was first introduced to the Congress of the Texas Republic in 1838 when Senator William H. Wharton unveiled it three days after Christmas.  By January 25, 1839 the state had its new flag.  Containing the red, white and blue colors of the United States flag, the left side of the Texas flag alternatively contained a single white star on a navy blue background.  This azure rectangle had evolved from the Burnet Flag that was adopted by Congress on December 10, 1836, but which had a golden star instead of white, a flag inspired by the 1810 Bonnie Blue Flag of the Republic of West Florida.   

Ted Turner and Robert Duval in Gods and Generals.
Duval's ancestor, Burr Duval, was a Texas Revolutionary
hero who rode with James Walker Fannin, a cousin of
Samuel F.B. Morse whose telegraph lines ran along the railroad
right of ways.  Burr Duval was the son of the first
Florida Territorial Governor.

The Bonnie Blue Flag, with a single white star on a sheet of blue, would evolve from the short-lived Republic of West Florida and decades later become, during the Civil War,  the unofficial banner of the Confederacy.  It was this flag that inspired the song "The Bonnie Blue Flag" which is featured in the Ted Turner film Gods and Generals.

Several leading entries along with the winning design.

But Governor Rick Perry's supporters concerned that the memories of the Confederacy will derail his chances of a Presidential bid, are rethinking the state flag of Texas.  President of Conservatives for Renewing the Texas Flag, Amarillo businessman, Yul  B. Puquein, had proposed a contest to redraw the Texas flag without the Bonnie Blue on the left panel.  A graduate of the University of Texas, Mr. Puquein said "no one's more in front of the curve on supporting human rights and responsible leadership as Texas in the 21st Century.  You cannot do away with the Stars and Bars, the Confederate Flag, without rethinking the Bonnie Blue.  The contest which ended on  June 25th, 2011 was won by a flag that will be dear to the heart of everyone who believes that the eyes of Texas are upon you," said Mr. Puquein from his Amarillo office.  "Of course not everyone will be as delighted as I am, but that will not stop us from presenting the flag to the Texas Congress in January and just in time to avert any complaints that would in any was harm Governor Perry's chances at beating the Afro-American president we currently endure."

Aggies Against The
New Texas Flag offer a possible
alternative design.
Bard T. Bolderman of the group Aggies Against The New Texas Flag says that his group will file a law suit in Austin to prevent the new flag from being raised over the Texas state house.  "Orange and red clash" said Bolderman who said that his group might favor, however,  as a compromise, an orange Longhorn on a burgundy panel attached to the red and white horizontal panels and replacing the Bonnie Blue.

For a view of the Bonnie Blue Flag from Gods and Generals see....

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