Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rudy Giuliani Denies Being “Whoppish Dean of Devilish Districts”

Giuliani, New York, Baltimore and The Pain of Past Performances
By Frederick Douglass Bailey for CPW News Service

      Former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani is reportedly not fond of the title “Whoppish Dean of Devilish Districts,” but the name is apparently sticking.

     “Yep, when the 911 hijackers bombed the Twin Towers and Building 7 fell like a bucket of Dutch Boy lead paint, people were talking.   Soon the mayor’s chief enforcer, Police Chief Bernie Kerik, would find himself in Iraq preparing an indigenous security force before finding himself at the top of a list of candidates for GWB’s Director of Homeland Security.  That was before West Point’s chief ethicist, Col. Theodore “Ted” Westhusing found himself in Iraq covering the same territory only to find  his stomach turned by what he found there.  “Sullied no more,” he would have a direct confrontation with General David Petraeus whose life was snatched back from an inexplicably fired through-the-lung wounding by a soldier during an inspection at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  “The lung was fixed by Senator William Frist,” said Carville T. Rachet of Nashville, Tennessee.  “Nothing binds a soldier to a group or cause like being snatched from the traumatic jaws of death by a well known friend of GWB,” said Rachet.  Westhusing, furious with the handling of the Iraq security effort and killing of innocent Iraqi civilians was found dead from a single gunshot wound following his bitter confrontation with Petraeus in Baghdad’s Green Zone.

     Kerik did not fade from the picture quietly.  “Though not selected as the Director of Homeland Security because of a corruption indictment, Kerik went to jail for accepting unauthorized additions to his phenomenal pay as New York’s chief law enforcement officer.   Meanwhile, New York’s ‘Whoppish Dean of Devilish Districts’ moved from Wall Street to the most powerful city on earth.  Washington D.C.,?” asked Morgan Carnathan from Carthage, Missouri and answering his own question.  “No, sir.  Houston.”

      Carnathan argues quite convincingly that Houston’s increasingly outdated engineering leverage to supply oil and gas power makes it more powerful than New York, Chicago, L.A. and Washington put together.  “It is the most powerful city on earth for carbon-based fossil fuels and if you get in the way of their cartel they'll kill you!  So when Giuliani moved his law practice from New York to take up residence with the firm of Fentress and Searcy Bracewell, well, no surprise there." 

      Carnathan is concerned that "given the events in Ferguson and Baltimore and with Giuliani arguing that America’s police are under attack while his chief policeman in New York was shadier than a Foster Grant factory, someone needs to come forward and tell it like it is."

       “The U.S. pecking order finds a fascist element of New England Anglican Puritan Protestant power elites using Irish Catholics like Joseph P. Kennedy and family to do their dirty work under the cloak of respectability.  Next in line are the Italian Catholics, then the Hispanics and Blacks.   For Black Americans with the murder or imprisonment of so many of their 60’s and 70’s Civil Rights era leaders came the lawlessness of the Bloods, Crips and other gangs, this is true and predictable.  It’s also perfectly in line with the kind of oppression that Kerik and Giuliani promoted in New York and Iraq.  When the power structure can turn the kids into instruments of their own oppression the Order’s plan is complete,” said Carnathan noting that U.S. policy in Iraq has left a nation of children ripe for the Bloods and Crips of the Middle East….ISIS.

      “I have a friend in Texas who was reflecting on the McKinney pool party that caused a police officer to resign.  He said that in the 1980's he sat in the Dallas Cowboy's owner's box with an owner who had just recruited Herschel Walker who made his first touchdown as a Dallas Cowboy.  "Walker was from Walker County, Georgia, home of Augusta National with ties to George Herbert Walker and the Georgia Tories who mostly backed King George during the American Revolution and the place where that damn shill for the New England power elites....for Caleb Cushing, Franklin Pierce and even Jeff Davis and his Confederate Attorney General, Thomas Bragg, sat out William Tecumseh Sherman's dismantling of the South's railroad between Atlanta and Savannah, General Braxton Bragg, the most hated man in the Confederate army which was soldiered by boys, ninety percent of which had no slaves.  They did not know what Bragg was up to so my friend wrote the book Sulfur, Lead and Poppies to remind his family that it was all a sham.  The Cowboy's owner turned to his guests and smiled when Herschel went over the goal and said "see what money can buy."  The owner was from McKinney, Texas, but in Houston near his home in River Oaks was the frequented old Confederate House Restaurant where the decor was decidedly, well, Confederate.  In the 1980's this white friend whose family had owned a small farm between Atlanta and Savannah during the Civil War had lived in an apartment in Houston.  He had two children ages eight and six.  They wanted to swim.   The were both great swimmers.  There was a nearby private homeowners pool that offered competitive swimming competition for the community for a fee.  They welcomed the boys and took their money.   The boys won their first competition, but were denied their blue ribbons and trophies because they didn’t live in the subdivision as homeowners.  “They live in the apartments,” they were told.  The oldest of the two would die on the infamous I-45 Corridor near Ellington Field in Houston and became the subject of One Nation Under Oz,” said Carnathan.

      “The boy’s father told me that with the discovery of the wreck of the New England China traders' opium clipper, Frolic, in 1950 with its story being published as Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the Opium Trade,  in 1999 (Stanford University Press) by California archeologist Thomas Layton he had to write Sulfur, Lead and Poppies in 2014, a title that usually brings the query..."About the war in Afghanistan?"  To which he replies, "No, about or own Civil War, but nothing has changed, but the quality of the weapons and technology used to kill." 
     Layton also discovered that Frederick Douglass, the great Civil War anti-slavery spokesman, also named Fred Bailey, worked in a Baltimore opium clipper ship yard.  Baltimore was hometown of the first test case for the war-baiting Fugitive Slave Laws and of the progenitor of the National City Bank boys, Alexander Brown, that gained General Smedley Butler's ire, morphing from Alexander Brown's investment firm into Brown & Root, KBR a key cog in the military industrialist complex's war machinery.   That test case for the Fugitive Slave Laws was James Hamlet who worked in the Brown’s Merchant Shot Tower making lead musket balls, but Baltimore would also be home to the paint companies that packed lead from Houston’s National Lead Company, now NL Industries, into paints and petroleum products….a devilishly deadly revenue stream,” said Carnathan noting that the penetrating critique of NORAD's 911 response, IGNORAD, was written by Scott Shuger, a heir of the Baltimore paint company that took the lead in lead paint sales. 
     “I just bought a copy of Sulfur, Lead and Poppies, the book that takes Layton’s discovery of the Frolic and pushes it to its logical conclusion based on the indisputable evidence.  The Civil War was a big drug deal and push to the opium crops for which we are still battling in the Middle East and which had Bernie Kerik, Rudy’s Bubba, pounding the Baghdad pavement.  Basra, Iraq was the British opium smuggler, David Sassoon’s, shipping port before he moved to Bombay, now Mumbai.  But look, Giuliani was the real 'Wolf of Wall Street.'  Giuliani protected Goldman Sacks and the other thieves in Lower Manhattan while on the Upper West Side Columbia University’s “Father of Applied Sociology,” Robert Merton, produced the Harvard economist from the hometown of Joseph P. Kennedy and George Luther Stearns who had tried to corner the world's lead market and was a "Secret Six" backer of Kansas Abolitionist John Brown, and of Faneuil Hall where Caleb Cushing, the leading opium importer and close friend of Franklin Pierce and Jefferson Davis, had invited Jeff Davis to speak for slavery while Frederick Douglass, Fred Bailey, argued against it.   Cushing, Pierce, even Davis were making the soi disant argument for civil war and were the Dana White of that day's Ultimate Fighting Championships and of controlling both corners for profit."
     Don't forget the 2008 meltdown and its connection to Giuliani's city.    Nobel Prize winner, sociologist Merton's son Robert Merton the “Master of Mertonian Metrics” also known as Black Scholes had tanked the U.S. economy in 2008.  This event caused Merton’s mentor, Paul Samuelson, to call his student, Columbia's Robert Merton's son,  the creator of the 'devilish, monster, Frankensteinish credit default swap formulas.'  I don't know which were the bigger razor-bladed dildos," said Carnathan.... "Giuliani or Merton, but the stupid Americans swallowed it, though there were some like Christopher Hedges who refused to be hoodwinked by the bamboozle.  Now that Giuliani has moved for New York to the infamous I-45 corridor of Texas and unholy cow!" 

      “Giuliani is now plugging Life Lock, but he can’t guarantee your life against anything.  If he was that good he would have been fuming over the stand down order that the FBI received on the 1992 abandonment of the FINCEN or Financial Crimes Enforcement Network that could have netted the 15 Saudi September 11th hijackers that had his citizens jumping from the windows onto Bernie Kerik’s nice clean streets,” said Carnathan.  "I don't know how far back Rudy's Texas connections go, but in joining Bracewell & Patterson to become Bracewell & Giuliani, Rudy was joining the firm whose one attorney, William E. King, is the business partner of James R. Bath in Southwest Airport Services, who together with the Saudi royal family's banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, bought for Salem Bin Laden, the Houston Gulf Manor Airport in Clear Lake Texas.  King, the Mayor of Kemah, had his front row seat along I-45's historic smuggling route that dated back to William Walker's filibustering and recruiting campaign in Galveston for "annexing" Honduras that aligns nicely with the Bay of Pigs and Iran-Contra.  Beyond this connection, King's Bracewell & Giuliani law firm was home to a key UTIMCO board member and sister of former Drug Enforcement Director, Karen Tandy Pomerantz, Colleen Tandy McHugh," said Carnathan.  "UTIMCO is the multi-billion-dollar investment fund of the University of Texas where not only Theodore "Ted" Westhusing graduated with a PhD, but also where JSOC's commander, Admiral William McRaven, has become the Chancellor in 2015.

     In 1991( Long, William R., “BCCI Is One Financial Scandal Menem Hopes To Avoid," LA Times) Saudi’s BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, principal Gaith Pharoan, who had bought numerous banks with the help of James R. Bath, was the subject of investigation….the investigation that FINCEN would not pursue.  Pharoan had ties to terrorism.  Specifically to Al Qaeda.  By 2008 Gretchen Peters was writing for the NY Times (June 4, 2008) “Indicted Saudi Gets $80 Million US Contract” to “supply jet fuel to American bases in Afghanistan.”  BCCI was the primary money laundering bank for the Iran-Contra fiasco.  What was politically at stake in the FINCEN/Bath connection being avoided?  A GHWB/Clinton/Perot presidential election outcome and given the very real Iran-Contra connections through Clinton's home state with Barry Seal's Mena, Arkansas operation, Ross Perot had a vested interest in seeing the truth of that can of worms rise to the surface for fish bait.  Perot had sent attorneys to Missouri to interview Austrian pilot of the SR-71 Blackbird, Gunther Russbacher and he had pulled in the patriotic fervor of Col. Bo Gritz, one of the most celebrated soldiers in Vietnam who had first hand knowledge of the Middle East opium connections that inform the hypocrisy of America's "war on drugs" with its Gordian connection of what General Smedley Butler called the "racket of war."  At 23 years of age, Rudy Giuliani, had been assigned to New York's "Serpico Commission" AKA the official Knapp Commission whose leading FBI liaison, Brian Bruh who would be not only on  the Tower Commission that had Texas Senator, John Tower, looking into the legality of Iran-Contra for Ronald Reagan and who died in a plane crash during the roll-out of the findings, but Bruh became the first FINCEN head from 1991-1993 right across the 1992 election year when Bath's habits needed a washing, but didn't get it.  Would these connections have rustled up the 911 plot?  We may never know, but we do know that malfeasance was rampant and the key players continue to circle the same drain.

      “I did hear Giuliani talking to Maria Barteloma this morning with those two Sicilians, or whatever, they sure aren’t Florentines or Paduans.  The Medici, Copernicus and Galileo were transparent compared to these draconian omerta modelers.  Giuliani was saying that we should repeal the minimum wage laws so that the young gang bangers can find jobs that instill some discipline.   I say that’s a good idea.  No minimum wage for the first six month in training and then ‘pow’ $15/hr. That will prevent human slavery and provide the boys in blue some real help in the law and order department and turn the Giuliani/Kerik dildo-ish bimbology back over to the true blues," said Carnathan.  "Meanwhile, we got GWB's younger brother circling the drain like a European monarch expecting to take over the family's historically and decidedly dark, like William Walker trying to take over Baja and Honduras, dog pile," said Carnathan.  "And where does JEB decide to flex his political muscle?  Germany?  At their organization formed after WWII with the Marshall Plan when following the fall of the Berlin Wall we did so little to incorporate the former USSR, our allies against Hitler, into some new form of NATO?  So what did we get?  Just what we got....the racket of endless warfare that Smedley Butler said was our stupid addiction," said Carnathan.

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