Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, June 15, 2015

Paula Kranz Broadwell, Vernon Loeb, David Petraeus and Theodore "Ted" Westhusing

Houston Chronicle Editor Gatekeeper on Nation's War Racketeering?

by J. "Rip" S. Norton,  CPW News Service

       With Houston being home to National Lead Co., founder of Dutch Boy Lead Paint, the son of whose former production manager, Sewell Shuger, wrote IGNORAD, Sewell's son, Scott Shuger.  It's also home to nearby Freeport McMoran Sulfur Co. and their co-dependent legacy of military and industrialist larceny lodged in bullets and gunpowder, the Houston Chronicle finds that its new journalistic gatekeeper is Paula Kranz Broadwell's, official biographer of General David Petraeus, writing partner, Vernon F. Loeb.  At their 2012 Politics & Prose book showing Loeb's former colleague at the Washington Post noted that Mrs. Broadwell was given "unusual access" to Petraeus for All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.  Loeb arrived as the new managing editor of the Houston Chronicle on January 15, 2013.
      "When I read the Petraeus biography, co-written by Loeb and Broadwell,  and saw who was plugging it.....David Gergen, Doris Kearns Goodwin and others, but that the book had not even mentioned the University of Texas Greek scholar and chief ethicist at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, Col. Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing, I was deeply, deeply saddened.  Westhusing, the subject of the entire first chapter of Christian T. Miller's book Blood Money,  had followed on the heels of Rudy Giuliani's New York Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, in Iraq and discovered there the depths of the corruption and war profiteering.  The stinch of this war or Westhusing's compelling story-line may have caused one of Westhusing's West Point classmates, D. Richard Tucker, to write the play Duty, Honor and Profit," said Maynard G. Gilligan of the anti-war group Soul-less Soldiers And The Racket of War, but the play could have just as easily have been titled Green Zone or No Country for Honest Men according to Gilligan
     Giuliani is now with the Houston law firm of Bracewell & Giuliani, one of whose attorney's, William E. King, is James R. Bath's business partner in Ellington Field's Southwest Airport Services, the fuel provider for the CIA-linked airport where GWB did his time, well, some of his time, in the Texas Air National Guard.   That story was, of course, exposed in 2004 by Houstonian and CBS's star reporter, Dan Rather and his producer Mary Mapes when it was actually available through Texas' Lieutenant Governor, Ben Barnes, since the early 70's.    "Barnes admitted that he was sitting on the story in 2000 when he said 'Gore didn't need it,'" said Gilligan.  "Yea, with the Supreme Court making the call Gore didn't need it....unless he wanted to lead a new American revolution," said Gilligan.
     "With Houston being the home of the infamous I-45 Corridor and with a leading Houston Chronicle journalist zeroing in on the billowing fires along this 'most dangerous road in America' that links Dealy Plaza to the flow of weapons from every major U.S. military incursion since William Walker's failed annexation of Honduras to the Bay of Pigs and Iran-Contra, there is good reason to want the city's leading journalistic gatekeeper to be so strategically located and so timely.  Loeb's arrival was as timely as the arrival of the chief Iran-Contra investigator, Michael Bromwich's arrival to 'investigate' the corruption at the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office before he moved on to the BP Deep Water Horizon case.  Bromwich was the Reagan/Bush firewaller on the Iran-Contra fiasco that found Casper Weinberger, Elliott Abrams, John Poindexter and Ollie North indicted, but pardoned by Houstonian, George H.W. Bush. It was here that the Houston Post writer whose 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, laid out the connections of the S&L scandal to Iran-Contra that informed the work of Gary Webb in Dark Alliance.  It was here that in 1992 the FINCEN investigation of Saudi influence peddling that would likely have netted the key 911 Saudi hijackers had this Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, been allowed to continue.  When New York's police officer, Frank Serpico, triggered the creation of the Knapp Commission and its probe into NY City's police corruption, the Knapp Commission found Brian Bruh its top FBI  liaison.  Bruh would move on to overseeing the FINCEN program in the sensitive 1992 Presidential election year," said Gilligan.
      FINCEN received a stand down order in a Presidential campaign year of 1992 that had wildly embarrassing information relative to Ellington Field and the sale of the nearby Houston Gulf Manor Airport to Salem Bin Laden, brother of Osama who died in 1988 in Cibolo, Texas.  The Houston Bin Laden airport was purchased via the Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz and his close colleague, GWB's Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath.   "Keeping the lid on the septic tank is what these slithering sidewinders do with the appearance of great respectability, even to the point that the White House's poor minority servant staff laments their leaving, but good god almighty, it's a scam of monumental proportions," said Gilligan who sometimes thinks the White House staff must be descendants of Fred Bailey, AKA Frederick Douglass, who according to Thomas Layton's 1999 book published a year before the 2000 Bush/Gore campaign, Voyage of the Frolic: The New England Merchants and the Opium Trade was building opium clippers in Baltimore before becoming the leading abolitionist spokesman in Boston.  Boston was also home to leading opium merchant Caleb Cushing and lead miner and "Secret Six" backer of abolitionist John Brown, George Luther Stearns, relative of California Alcade of San Diego, Bostonian Abel Stearns. 
    "Y2K was a sensitive year for these sidewinders," said Gilligan, "but so was 1992 when Presidential Independent candidate, H. Ross Perot, had sent a team to Missouri to question SR-71 pilot, Gunther Russbacher, who claimed knowledge of the 1980 'October Surprise' and Perot's team-up with Vietnam War hero, Bo Gritz, who had sensitive knowledge from Kung Sa, Indo China's leading opium dealer which Gritz had openly shared in 1988," said Gilligan pointing to Gritz' appearance on the Morton Downey Show.  "Of course Bill Clinton won in 1992, not Bush or Perot, but Clinton's cover as Arkansas Governor for Barry Seal's Mena, Arkansas CIA drug operation, an operation that cost Barry Seal his life before he could give testimony in a Louisiana Federal Court just as it would Robert Corson, the son-in-law of the key Iran-Contra player in Houston, Walter Mischer, as Corson made his way to the court of Judge David Hittner, the same judge who championed the case of Michael Lloyd Self who had been framed for the Texas killings which Edward Harold Bell would confess in 1998 to having committed.   Judge Hittner's help of Self between 1998 when Bell confessed and when Self died in prison in 2000 for killings he did not commit with Self being widely known to be mentally challenged rank up there with the Ox Bow Incident," said Gilligan.   "A travesty of justice but a convenient deflection in the heated 2000 election year that had all eyes focused in Florida instead of where the really juicy details stacked up along Texas' I-45 corridor. Let me reiterate what I just said.  The case of Michael Lloyd Self, framed as he was by crooked cops who were jailed for bank robbery could not have his false confession overturned because of a Supreme Court ruling....a ruling that should have every American writing their Congressmen and Senators, after Edward Harold Bell confessed to the I-45 killings.  Whatever confessions Self made was filtered through these crooked cops.  Were they framed to keep the lid on their knowledge of the I-45 killing program to which Bell attested?  Who knows, but one thing is sure, the PR campaign to lead the public to believe that there is nothing really fishy about the I-45 Corridor is another big bamboozle in the aorta, left and right ventricles and tiny capillaries of Big Oil's heart of darkness," said Gilligan.

     "Of course Barry Seal, employer of Eugene Hasenfus whose plane crash blew the cover on Iran-Contra, was to have been protected by the Arkansas Attorney General, Asa Hutchinson, whose failure to protect Seal brought Hutchinson the directorship of the Drug Enforcement Administration, a position later filled by the sister of a leading Bracewell & Giuliani attorney in Texas," said Gilligan shaking his head and spitting sunflower seed hulls into a Styrofoam cup...."eat, spit, be happy," he said.  "I understand that her sister's husband was the understudy at the FBI of Oliver "Buck" Revell and both leading members of JINSA, the leading Jewish/Israeli organization that has a significant history, too.
       "Loeb said of the book All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, that he had no idea that Petraeus and Broadwell were so chummy, but can you think of a stranger, but clearer way to send a message to the military that their goose is cooked or their turkey neck is rung?  What a comical title, were it not so serious! Unless that would be to shoot the U.S. Marine Corp Commandant's son-in-law through the lung and have Bush buddy, Senator William Frist, plug the hole!  I'd have a fainting spell in the middle of U.S. Congressional hearing on the Iraq War, too," said Gilligan noting that "Frank Serpico was so confident that the Knapp Commission, to which Giuliani was appointed as a 23 year old attorney, had succeeded in removing the corruption that he left the USA to hide out somewhere in the French or Swiss Alps!  Baghdad, Iraq and its nearby port of Basra was historically the transshipment point of the British opium supplier, David Sassoon's Middle-east opium, who warehoused and shipped the Golden Crescent's opium supplies from Basra, then Bombay, now known as Mumbai, up the Yangtze River to be traded for silk, spices and the China plates like those found on the Frolic in Mendocino County, California in 1950 to be reported by Layton in 1999.  That was the year after the San Jose Mercury New's Pulitzer Prize winning author, Gary Webb, was zeroing in on the Iran-Contra and the CIA drug connection in this area of California and Texas.   Gary Webb was thrown under the bus by Vernon Loeb's bosses at the Washington Post....Steve Coll now the Henry Luce Dean and Professor of Journalism at Columbia and Jeff Leen who tried to skewer Webb in a post-Dark Alliance debate during which Webb shared his conversation with the Houston Post's Peter Brewton.  Webb had drop kicked the ball right thorough the uprights as had Westhusting!  The evidence is clear, especially with the publication of Layton's 1999 book.  People were figuring out the bamboozle....the Civil War.....the opium....Dutch Boy lead paint, tobacco's legacy and who owned it," said Gilligan.  "What more do you need?  Yellow cake?  A few trillion dollars for Iraq war more than the original $60 billion price tag promised?  Fifteen of the nineteen 911 hijackers coming from Saudi Arabia so we invade Iraq?" asked Gilligan.  All of these developments made the 2000 Presidential election, the Supreme Court overreach from an 800 lb. legal gorilla that usurped the free election process in Florida that should have had a total recall and recount and left the power where it belonged...with the people...made anyone near the principals in the 2000 election potentially in a killing field for anyone who got in the way of what was essentially a carefully managed coup," said Gilligan.
     "My big concern is that there are some very important stories in Houston that are waiting to be told and that Loeb was imported like Michael Bromwich to firewall these pressing stories....like why Michael Lloyd Self was not released from prison in 1998 after the confession of Edward Harold Bell and why Mr. Self, who had been arguably framed by corrupt police Don Morris and Tommy Deal, died in prison in 2000, a Presidential election year that rolled out a number of politically connected and inexplicable deaths like the boy whose name happened to be the same as the son of Dan Rather's key witness in the Ellington Field/Bush Air National Guard story that was hotter in 2000 than in 2004 had it surfaced then, which it, according to Texas Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes, could have.  The Houston Chronicle reporter given these stories was taken off the trail when it pointed directly to the kinds of corruption that had to have involved judges, prosecutors and police officers that provide the cover-up of criminality along I-45, 'The Most Dangerous Road In America,' said Gilligan.  "The sad thing is that the management of a journalists' docket, even the awards they receive, may push them in a direction that has nothing to do with their role as America's beacons of democracy and freedom," said Gilligan.
    "Sadly the quagmire of Houston and its I-45 corridor now represented by Vernon Loeb finds itself with the progenitor of the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch frauds as reported in the April 25, 2007 edition of Salon.com in a Glenn Greenwald story in which the author said.....This is what turned out to be the real story here — that “experienced reporters” Schmidt and Loeb were completely manipulated by lying, scheming high-level officials in the military and government, and they fell for it by turning the front page of The Washington Post into a venue for false, highly manipulative government propaganda.   Just how Mr. Loeb proposes to rise to the challenge of accurately covering the even more powerful myth minder, Houston, is anybody's guess.
    Just how the Edward Harold Bell and Michael Lloyd Self story fits into Vernon Loeb's new job with the Houston Chronicle is not initially clear unless or until one researches Houston's history with its infamous I-45 Corridor.  When Texas author Kathryn Casey published her latest book, Deliver Us, written decades after Edward Bell's killing spree, but in time for the 2016 Presidential election cycle, one of her reviewers provided the following Amazon.com review:

Classic Misinformation by Texas Power Elite Propagandist
on May 5, 2015
     I don't hate it, but I don't like it. Like the DEA's Don Ferrarone's assertions through TEXAS KILLING FIELDS and Ginger Strand's KILLER ON THE ROAD that both want us to believe that I-45 is not a unique, well-traveled smuggling route that ties Dealy Plaza in Dallas to Galveston, the transshipment point for all manner of supplies for the Bay of Pigs, Iran-Contra and dating back to the filibustering exploits of William Walker. Casey leaves out so much. In the Epilogue she states "Nearly all the families I interviewed voiced frustration with inexperienced police departments." (p. 347). This was clearly not the case with Michael Lloyd Self who was jailed by crooked, well-trained cops who are now in jail. When Edward Harold Bell confessed in 1998 to eleven murders as part of a "program" of killings, Self should have been exonerated. Judge David Hittner who was to hear the case of Robert Corson, son-in-law of Walter Mischer, who Peter Brewton and others have claimed was on his way to court, not unlike Barry Seal, but in hopes that his knowledge of Iran-Contra would win him a plea-bargain in his savings & loan scandal crimes. Corson died like Mark Lombardi and Michael Lloyd Self of an inexplicable heart attack. Hittner had supposedly championed Michael Lloyd Self's case after Bell's confession all the way to the Supreme Court which was busy in 2000 with election issues in Florida when Self conveniently died in prison. Meanwhile, the story that Dan Rather and Mary Mapes would unpack in 2004 was being managed in Texas by former Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes in 2000 having been in his political quiver since the 1970's. That story, too, had ties to the infamous I-45 corridor. Self languished in prison and died two years after Bell's letters should have freed him.
     Casey makes little to nothing of the low bail set for Bell's murder of Larry Dickens and his low-bail-jumping disappearance in Panama where he joined his father. Nothing is said of the high-profile bail bondsman who handled Bell's bond, either. The judge setting Bell's bail had a reputation for stiff ones especially in drug cases. Why the exception in Bell's murder case? If as Bell asserts he was working a program, his offshore supply company in Galveston where Bay of Pigs paymaster Paul Helliwell also operated a supply boat company and insurance company leaves one huge stone unturned for Casey who prides herself on researching the details. It is entirely possible in this backwater, historic smuggling route covered by Melanie Wiggins in THEY MADE THEIR OWN LAW, that there were multiple psychopaths like Bell operating without knowledge of each other and that any good police were hog tied by a system that found Harris County D.A. Johnny B. Holmes and M.E. Dr. Joyce Carter's crime lab turning to such mush that Harris County brought in the firewalling prosecutor in the Iran-Contra case, Michael Bromwich, to get to the bottom of the problems there. Bromwich had insured that Reagan and, more importantly, GHWB, were not implicated in the Iran-Contra mess which found GHWB pardoning North, Poindexter, Abrams and Weinberger. Does Casey address this problem with Houston and the I-45 Corridor or the fact that some of the biggest contributors to the local 100 CLUB which supports the families of fallen officers are some of the shadiest characters in the area? Nope. Why bring up an inconvenient truth? What paid for Bromwich's investigation before he moved on to the BP Deep Water Horizon spill? Confiscated drug money and lots of it! With Bell disappearing from Houston to Panama with its problems with Manuel Noriega who claimed "I have VP Bush by the balls," more should have been done to unpack these Bell-buttons.
     Nor does Casey tell us that the names of the dead girls like Bracewell and Baker, were names potentially linked to local power elite families in Houston. They line up alongside Tot Harriman's more recent disappearance along I-45 (Ruth Rendon, "Family Awaiting News About Missing Woman, Houston Chronicle, July 30, 2001). Harriman's American husband whom she had met in Vietnam, Clinton Harriman, was linked to the USS Mayaguez case, the last battle of the Vietnam War with all of the connections that Col. Bo Gritz made for us with respect to Kung Sa and the Golden Triangle, further flags this smuggling route through Texas.
     It's a no-brainer to show that what Gary Webb had uncovered in LA through DARK ALLIANCE what linked to Peter Brewton's reporting in THE MAFIA, CIA AND GEORGE BUSH in Houston. This was also left unexplored by Casey after she admits that Bell had been selling land in Terlingua, Texas, far West Texas, in Houston (p 101), while Brewton shows that the Mischer/CIA linked Terlingua airstrip (Peter Brewton, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, p. 94-96) was an integral part of the Iran-Contra scheme. Gary Webb's death on December 10, 2004 was not without its ties to Texas. In his debate with Jeff Leen of the Washington Post, Webb named Houston Post reporter, Peter Brewton, who told Webb that naming the CIA in a book is to make yourself a huge target. Brewton did not delve as deeply into the depths of the drug connection to Iran-Contra as did Webb.
     There's a lot more to this story than is told here by Casey. Along I-45 the Houston Gulf Manor Airport owned by Salem Bin Laden was bought with the help of GWB's National Guard roommate, James R. Bath and the Saudi royal banker, Khalid bin Mahfouz. In 1992, the Presidential election year of VP Bush, H. Ross Perot and Bill Clinton, the FINCEN investigation into Saudi influence peddling in the U.S. received a stand down order that was as effective at taking the eye off the future 911 hijacker's plans as Self's heart attack was deflecting potential problems from Bell's confession....a man who has all the earmarks of a CIA psychopath-asset. Also in 2000 the year of Self's death, Ben Barnes' admitted to sitting on GWB's Ellington Field National Guard records that Marion Carr Knox and Ben Barnes were holding in the wings until 2004 when it didn't matter anymore. Enron, World-com, Columbia-HCA, and all the wolves were already in the hen house and the Neo-con's plans to flame the fires of war were realized. -WH


     On  June 21, 1992 five months before the GHWB, Clinton, Perot election when Peter Brewton's book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush had already been stalled by Simon & Schuster in New York and even by Ivan Shapolsky that published the book late leading to the law suit of Shapolsky vs. Brewton,  the Austin American Statesman published "Doubt About Case Fails To Free Man From Prison" which revealed a "good cop-bad cop" scenario with the Texas judicial system at the highest levels:

     U.S. District Judge David Hittner overturned Self's conviction and in 1991 ordered the state to either retry Self or set him free within 90 days. But before Self was released, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a landmark ruling. The court ruled that defendants are not necessarily entitled to a new trial even if their coerced confessions are used as evidence against them.

    It was in 1992 that the FINCEN investigation into the corruption inspired by the Houston area Saudi influencing peddling was, like poor Michael Lloyd Self, conveniently swept under the rug.

   Maynard Gilligan is concerned that Vernon Loeb may have swept his family history with Solomon Loeb of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. under the same rug.  Gilligan cited a March 12, 2014 article (Brenna vs. Feinstein: CIA's Top Spy Sweeps Senate.  Ducks Under Wing of CFR and Greenspan's Wife, by Wilbur F. Debastudos).

    In a 1962 movie, former U.S. Marine and actor, Lee Marvin, played old West outlaw Liberty Valance.  Valance beat up the local newspaper publisher, smashed his printing press and burned his office.  Today, Valance would be considered an amateur. The outlaws own the papers and we're not just talking about Rupert Murdoch.  The Washington Post published the fraudulent cover stories of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch as propaganda to win consent for the bamboozled war in Iraq.  The author of those stories went on to co-write All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, an officer who could not have been more carefully groomed for his role in Iraq, nor suffered so similar a fall as that of Belisarius.   This reporter newspaper editor is now in the Vatican, Mecca and Medina of Big Oil:  Houston, Texas.  This is the city where the Medical Examiners' office was so mismanaged that the leading investigator in the Iran-Contra fiasco whose leading perpetrators dodged prison sentences with a Presidential pardon, was brought in to investigate, paid by confiscated drug money before he moved on to the BP Deep Water Horizon investigation.  The bamboozle goes on.  Two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner and U.S. Marine, General Smedley Darlington Butler called it what it is:  War Is A Racket.  Pat Tillman had seen the light shined on this alliance with darkness.

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