Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, June 11, 2015


by Peter Farquaad Siemens for CPW News Service
    With so much from the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections of George Walker Bush lining up along the Dallas to Houston to Galveston, Texas I-45 highway called "the most dangerous road in America," a recent true crime analysis of this dangerous road and its relationship to GWB has become a source of literary criticism.  Home to the Texas Air National Guard the CIA-linked Airport named Ellington Field is where Bush's former Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath, owns the fuel concession, but this is also where Bath's partnership with the Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, helped the brother of Osama Bin Laden, Salem Bin Laden, to purchase the Houston Gulf Manor Airport, home to some of NASA's leading astronauts' private planes.  That airport was only a few miles south of Ellington.   Katherine Casey's latest book on I-45 has become a lightening rod and wind sock.
    An Amazon.com review of Casey's new book digs deeper than most and suggests that the Texas author's timing on the release of the book is propaganda aimed at removing this highway's story from the approaching 2016 election that will undoubtedly revisit the Bush legacy in America.  A review by Will Harvey takes aim at Casey's new book.  The reviewer argues that the FBI's 1992 FINCEN investigation that had Saudi influence peddling in its crosshairs had zeroed in on Bush buddy, James R. Bath, but that like Scott Shuger's critique of the 911 NORAD response to the Saudi dominated attack on the World Trade Center, FINCEN had received an earlier "stand down" order.  Had FINCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, been left to investigate Saudi improprieties in the U.S.A. it may well have caught the 911 plotters, fifteen of which were from Saudi Arabia where the Bush family enjoyed questionable relations within a nation known for its oppression of women and repression of free speech as evidenced in the recent imprisonment and flogging of Raif Badawi. 

    An on-line former USN intelligence officer,  reporter for Microsofts' and Bill Gates' Slate.com, Scott Shuger had written on January 6, 2002 IGNORAD: The Military Screw-up Nobody Talks About.  In less than a year Shuger died in an inexplicable witness-less scuba diving accident in California.

The review of Casey's book, Deliver Us, reads....
on May 5, 2015....
I don't hate it, but I don't like it. Like the DEA's Don Ferrarone's assertions through TEXAS KILLING FIELDS and Ginger Strand's KILLER ON THE ROAD that both want us to believe that I-45 is not a unique, well-traveled smuggling route that ties Dealy Plaza in Dallas to Galveston, the transshipment point for all manner of supplies for the Bay of Pigs, Iran-Contra and dating back to the filibustering exploits of William Walker. Casey leaves out so much. In the Epilogue she states "Nearly all the families I interviewed voiced frustration with inexperienced police departments." (p. 347). This was clearly not the case with Michael Lloyd Self who was jailed by crooked, well-trained cops who are now in jail. When Edward Harold Bell confessed in 1998 to eleven murders as part of a "program" of killings, Self should have been exonerated. Judge David Hittner who was to hear the case of Robert Corson, son-in-law of Walter Mischer, who Peter Brewton and others have claimed was on his way to court, not unlike Barry Seal, but in hopes that his knowledge of Iran-Contra would win him a plea-bargain in his savings & loan scandal crimes. Corson died like Mark Lombardi and Michael Lloyd Self of an inexplicable heart attack. Hittner had supposedly championed Michael Lloyd Self's case after Bell's confession all the way to the Supreme Court which was busy in 2000 with election issues in Florida when Self conveniently died in prison. Meanwhile, the story that Dan Rather and Mary Mapes would unpack in 2004 was being managed in Texas by former Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes in 2000 having been in his political quiver since the 1970's. That story, too, had ties to the infamous I-45 corridor. Self languished in prison and died two years after Bell's letters should have freed him.

Casey makes little to nothing of the low bail set for Bell's murder of Larry Dickens and his low-bail-jumping disappearance in Panama where he joined his father. Nothing is said of the high-profile bail bondsman who handled Bell's bond, either. The judge setting Bell's bail had a reputation for stiff ones especially in drug cases. Why the exception in Bell's murder case? If as Bell asserts he was working a program, his offshore supply company in Galveston where Bay of Pigs paymaster Paul Helliwell also operated a supply boat company and insurance company leaves one huge stone unturned for Casey who prides herself on researching the details. It is entirely possible in this backwater, historic smuggling route covered by Melanie Wiggins in THEY MADE THEIR OWN LAW, that there were multiple psycopaths like Bell operating without knowledge of each other and that any good police were hog tied by a system that found Harris County D.A. Johnny B. Holmes and M.E. Dr. Joyce Carter's crime lab turning to such mush that Harris County brought in the firewalling prosecutor in the Iran-Contra case, Michael Bromwich, to get to the bottom of the problems there. Bromwich had insured that Reagan and, more importantly, GHWB, were not implicated in the Iran-Contra mess which found Reagan pardoning North, Poindexter, Abrams and Weinberger. Does Casey address this problem with Houston and the I-45 Corridor or the fact that some of the biggest contributors to the local 100 CLUB which supports the families of fallen officers are some of the shadiest characters in the area? Nope. Why bring up an inconvenient truth? What paid for Bromwich's investigation before he moved on to the BP Deep Water Horizon spill? Confiscated drug money and lots of it! With Bell disappearing from Houston to Panama with its problems with Manuel Noriega who claimed "I have VP Bush by the balls," more should have been done to unpack these Bell-buttons.

Nor does Casey tell us that the names of the dead girls like Bracewell and Baker, were names potentially linked to local power elite families in Houston. They line up alongside Tot Harriman's more recent disappearance along I-45 (Ruth Rendon, "Family Awaiting News About Missing Woman, Houston Chronicle, July 30, 2001). Harriman's American husband whom she had met in Vietnam, Clinton Harriman, was linked to the USS Mayaguez case, the last battle of the Vietnam War with all of the connections that Col. Bo Gritz made for us with respect to Kung Sa and the Golden Triangle, further flags this smuggling route through Texas.

It's a no-brainer to show that what Gary Webb had uncovered in LA through DARK ALLIANCE what linked to Peter Brewton's reporting in THE MAFIA, CIA AND GEORGE BUSH in Houston. This was also left unexplored by Casey after she admits that Bell had been selling land in Terlingua, Texas, far West Texas, in Houston (p 101), while Brewton shows that the Mischer/CIA linked Terlingua airstrip (Peter Brewton, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, p. 94-96) was an integral part of the Iran-Contra scheme. Gary Webb's death on December 10, 2004 was not without its ties to Texas. In his debate with Jeff Leen of the Washington Post, Webb named Houston Post reporter, Peter Brewton, who told Webb that naming the CIA in a book is to make yourself a huge target. Brewton did not delve as deeply into the depths of the drug connection to Iran-Contra as did Webb.

There's a lot more to this story than is told here by Casey. Along I-45 the Houston Gulf Manor Airport owned by Salem Bin Laden was bought with the help of GWB's National Guard roommate, James R. Bath and the Saudi royal banker, Khalid bin Mahfouz. In 1992, the Presidential election year of VP Bush, H. Ross Perot and Bill Clinton, the FINCEN investigation into Saudi influence peddling in the U.S. received a stand down order that was as effective at taking the eye off the future 911 hijacker's plans as Self's heart attack was deflecting potential problems from Bell's confession....a man who has all the earmarks of a CIA psychopath-asset. Also in 2000 the year of Self's death, Ben Barnes' admitted to sitting on GWB's Ellington Field National Guard records that Marion Carr Knox and Ben Barnes were holding in the wings until 2004 when it didn't matter anymore. Enron, World-com, Columbia-HCA, and all the wolves were already in the hen house and the Neo-con's plans to flame the fires of war were realized.

Perhaps even more to the point of this reviewer's concerns about I-45 was what happened in 2004 that did not happened in 2000, but could have.   2000's unreported GWB Texas Air National Guard memos that focused on I-45's Ellington Field.  Though Ellington is still functioning the Bin Laden's Houston Gulf Manor Airport was razed after 911, an action that had some calling a "blatant destruction of potential crime scene evidence" and as troubling as the rapid export of the entire Bin Laden family from the U.S. prior to FBI interrogation.

Will Harvey's critique of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes' handling of GWB's Texas Air National Guard record received similar critique.  It reads....

2000 and 2004 Rather Slow on the Uptake
 on April 6, 2015
The Marion Carr Knox memos were, according to former Texas Lieutenant Governor, Ben Barnes, available in 2000, but Gore didn't need them. I would like to see Rather do a follow up on just why his 2004 story remained in the wings in 2000. Also, why the pastor's son, Patrick Carr, same name as Marion Carr Knox's son who when Marion refused to retell the story affirmed her story to the media. The pastor's son was found burned to death in his Ford Bronco on December 10, 2000 outside the CIA-linked Ellington Field not far from the Bin Laden owned Houston Gulf Manor Airport that was razed after 911. That Patrick Carr's last phone call was from a "friend" whose family owned property adjacent to the Cibolo, Texas Ultralight airport where experienced jet pilot, Salem bin Laden, mysteriously flew into a high power line in 1988. The Houston Gulf Manor airport was bought by Khalid bin Mahfouz and Bush buddy, James R Bath, whose attorney and air fuel partner at Ellington, William E. King, was the fishing buddy of the pastor's son's uncle. The dead 23 year old had just moved to Houston from Austin where he had worked for the business partner of Rebecca Rather. Dan Rather gave Rebecca a great plug for her book and she is obviously well connected to the Rather's of Texas' Nassau/Waldec Plantation and to Houston restauranteur, Tony Vallone. There is a lot more here for Dan and Mary Mapes to tell us, but this book is a start! Be even more outspoken before November 2016, please!


     Startlingly, the death of the Texas pastor's son on December 10, 2000 was four years to the day of the suicide, two shots to the head, of Gary Webb, author of Dark Alliance and subject of the 2014 film Kill the Messenger.  Webb had been in conversation with Houston Post reporter, Peter Brewton, whose 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, had been purposely derailed by Simon & Schuster, the New York publishers after having contracted with Brewton to provide Alice Mayhew, editor of Woodward and Bernstein's All The President's Men, as Brewton's editor.  Peter Brewton is also the son of a Texas Presbyterian Minister.

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