Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Opus Dei Priest Corapi Living High Life On People's Open Hearts

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Redding Medical Center
Qui Tam case "finder's fee"
 winner andT.V. Evangelist,
 Father John Corapi.
When California’s Redding Medical Center heart surgeon, Dr. Chae Hyun Moon, was brought to justice with a qui tam lawsuit that netted a prominent Roman Catholic Priest over $2 million from a U.S. government finder’s fee, none were more surprised than over 300 former Moon patients.  Those patients had, six years earlier, begun to lodge their complaints with the California Attorney General.

According to Redding reporter, Ryan Sabalow, the competing Mercy Medical Center in Redding, a city in the center of Northern California's marijuana production area,  had taken actions to monitor Dr. Moon’s activity six years before Corapi's testimony.  Mercy's actions paralleled the disclosure of 345 patients represented by Redding attorney, Russell Reiner.   In 2005, Dr. Moon and his associate, E.G. Realyvasquez, were ordered to pay a criminal fine of $1.4 million each and Moon's license was revoked in 2007.  The civil suit ordered Moon, Realyvasquez and their associates to begin paying over 760 patients $24,000,000 for an average of $31,579 each.  The settlement was later changed to $395 million yielding on average about $500,000 per litigant, still only 1/5th of Corapi's payment.

While names of the civil litigants were not disclosed in order to hide their identity to avoid the possibility of retribution from the physicians or hospitals, they were known by their initials. Over six hundred litigants who miraculously survived the unnecessary heart surgeries have asked for answers.  “If we started reporting that there were problems with this scum bag doctor in 1996, why did Father John Corapi, the Roman Catholic T.V. evangelist trained at the Opus Dei Navarre Seminary in Pamplona, Spain, get $2.7 million in 2002, six years after our complaints started flying?”

“It leaves us to ask the painful question following FBI spy Robert Hansen’s exposed connections to Opus Dei...connections to Opus Dei exposed in Hansen's downfall and the 2007 movie BREACH.... "How do we know there wasn't some deal cut between prosecutors, the FBI and Father Corapi?” said O.O. from his home on Redding's East side.  "Father Corapi could have been running with more than the bulls in Pamplona," said O.O..

Z.M., a Catholic Nun and faithful follower of Father Corapi, said “there is no justification for anyone making that claim.   Father Corapi is a wonderful man who has been wrongly slandered.   If it took a man of God to bring the problem to light I think it is wonderful that God worked in this mysterious way his wonders to behold.  Besides that, I understand that Tenet Health Care Inc. which owned Redding Hospital had on its board of directors the former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush.  They can afford to pay up now and then, especially if they made money in the HCA/Columbia fraud case by bilking medicare and medicaid.  What goes around comes around," said Z.M..

B.A.,  now identified as a banker from Redding whose true identity we'll protect by calling "Buford Aardvark", said “I think Sister Z.M. is in love with that crazy dingbat, wacko, fascist priest.  I’m not even sure that our attorney didn’t use only our initials not to protect us, but to keep our names out of the public eye so another lawyer who could get us a more equitable settlement couldn’t pursue our case.  Maybe our attorney is on the take and maybe Z.M.  can live in poverty as a Nun , but I guarantee you Corapi doesn’t.  How stupid can you be?  I think the whole thing is damn crappy….CO-RAAAAAAAAAAAAA-PI!  Dr. Moon might as well have been working in Auschwitz or Dacau and maybe Father Corapi is working to smuggle him out of the country along some new Nazi ratline,” said Aardvark.

"I suppose that the government sought to award the lion's share of the qui tam purse to Father Corapi, also known as the "Black Sheep Dog", because of his claim to have gone for a second opinion after Dr. Moon told him he needed by-pass surgery.  What?  And the government didn't think that of 700 patients others didn't go for a second opinion and likely in the same town of Redding?  This raises all kinds of red flags for the medical community here," said Aardvark with nostrils flared and temple veins straining.

Since Redding's heart wrenching malpractice and fraud case, Father Corapi has been accused of sexual misconduct and has left the priesthood while maintaining his innocence.  Numerous attempts to get an explanation of Father Corapi's unusual good fortune have been unsuccessful.

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