Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Ocean Reef Club Developing On Gulf Coast Battleground

Eminent Domainia
By Maggie N. Nacarta CPW News Services

     Florida's Ocean Reef Club on Miami's nearby Key Largo appeared in Peter Brewton's book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush.  Brewton argued that the exclusive resort and vacation destination and home to such notables as Richard Nixon's close friend Bebe Rebozo and George H.W. Bush was more than it appeared.  It didn't take long for Simon & Schuster to scrub its plans to publish Brewton's meticulously documented work, withdrawing its promise to provide as Brewton's book editor, Alice Mayhew, editor of Woodward and Bernstein's All the President's Men, after Bush family confidant in Houston and CEO of Pennzoil, Hugh Liedtke, influenced Pennzoil to purchase Simon & Schuster in order to redirect its publishing agenda.  What was so disturbing about Brewton's book other than the fact that the Ocean Reef Club was a drop-shipping center for Central and South American drugs?  Brewton pulled back the curtain on names like Jack DeVoe, Carl Lindner and Harper Sibley, Chairman of the Board of the Ocean Reef Club.

    So is an Ocean Reef Club clone moving to Freeport, Texas this many years after Florida's Gold Coast became littered with the bodies of narco dollar execution victims while becoming the Scarface movie set where homes have lost 50% of their value since the housing bubble burst? It would appear so and that the battleground for it is at the mouth of the Freeport Ship Channel on the old Brazos River and a piece of property owned by Wright Gore and his Western Seafood Company.   With the murder of David Hartley on Texas/Mexico's Falcon Lake and the beheading of Mexican law enforcement official investigating the Hartley case, it appears that Texas is becoming in the 21st Century what Florida was in the 1980's.

     When Hiram Walker Royall, Dallas oil and liquor heir, fought with Freeport Texas' Wright Gore Sr., Wright Gore Jr. and Wright Gore, III over this water front property no one in the media made the connections.  Were the Gore's part of the famous Gore family from Tennessee with many of the adventurous Tennesseans volunteering to help Texas win its independence from Mexico?  Just like Walker is a descendant of famous Texas Ranger, Samuel Hamilton Walker,for whom the Walker Colt pistol is named?  Is the leading attorney for Walker Royall group, John P. Hightower, related to famous Texas populace leader Jim Hightower and if he is what does that say about Jim's ability to influence the political persuasions of his kith and kin? Who were the attorneys representing the Gores in Royall's land swindle case and what is their interest in what appears to be the big boys against the little boys and why aren't the little boys making bigger waves?  Nothing seems at stake in this classic case of the abuse of America's emminent domain doctrine, but the whole history of Western Civilization since English common law claimed that even kings had to respect private property claims.

Attorney, Steven Greenhut, has spoken often on imminent domain including this case.

In Freeport, Texas is Freeport McMoran Sulphur Company on whose board has served for years Henry Kissinger whose Kissinger Associates has employed former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, the Phillipines and Saudia Arabia, Richard William Murphy.  Ambassador Murphy's son, now with The Daily Beast, has written a memoir of his years in Pakistan where he has taken an interest in the writing of Daniayal Mueemuddin, son of the head of Pakistan's Civil Service as well as Pakistan's chief election official, overseeing that nation's national elections.

As a CNN analyst, Richard McGill Murphy wrote on eminent domain including the Wright Gore and Hiram Walker Royall battle over the "beachhead" at Freeport, TX. in a CNN article titled "When One Little Guy Rolls Another", but which could have more rightly been titled "Battle of The Texas Octopus and Shrimp Giant". And for a view of Bryan Pickens, George P. Bush and H. Walker Royall at the Maverick PAC meeting.  Richard McGill Murphy is also a well traveled expert on Afghanistan's opium trafficing.

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