Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, October 16, 2015


Rather Film Not Opening October 16 In Rather's Home State

by Lowell P. Wigglesworth, CPW News Service.

      There's no Truth in Texas today.    The long awaited film starring two Academy Award winners, Robert Redford and Mary Mapes, opps, I meant to say Cate Blanchett,  and retelling the 2004 story of "Memo-gate" the 1972 Vietnam-era shenanigans in George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard career is clearly missing from the big screens. In Houston, Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi  and other major cities Rather is rather absent.  Why would this film not find a screen in Dan Rather's home state? His home town?   It begs like Dickens' Artful Dodger the question.
     "There are some issues that are too explosive to retell in Texas and not for the obvious reasons.  Not because of the left/right dialectic of politics as usual, but because this issue cuts across all groups and ratchets up the memories of Credence Clear Water Revival's poignant song Fortunate Son.  With Obama announcing that the troops won't be coming home from the poppy fields of Afghanistan whose mountains are filled with much more than potential terrorists... the result of the evolution of Al Qaeda from within the Muslim Brotherhood of Hosni Mubarak's Egypt specifically for fighting Charlie Wilson's War in Afghanistan, thank you Joanne King Herring... and why dull the U.S. military industrialist complex's spear point, Texas, with an inconvenient truth that could weaken the soldiers' resolve?  In the polarized, cage-fighting, racket of war, dependent as it is on petro-chems and the bubbled-up by-products of sulfur and lead not even the poppy-based pain killers can deaden the mind's longing for enlightenment. Ms. Herring's pappy, perhaps Putin's mammy and Assads' too, and Samuel Prescott Bush's grandma we could have hoped were right..."you're an arms dealer?".  War IS a racket and the earth coughs and wheezes.  No enlightment here.
     Additionally, the "Truth Score Card" that was part of this publication would be a good reason to dodge the Truth in Texas where so many memories of the real truth of the matter are standing at the ticket box waiting with pen and pad in hand.  Why risk a social media brouhaha in a yet undecided election-year-to-come which could potentially include another Bush family member?  Particularly if the film's release does not, cannot, achieve its objectives?
      Truth, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder when the message is neatly massaged and meticulously managed, otherwise it's best to keep the beholders' blind and as far away from the truth as possible.

Gary Webb's Dark Alliance, Peter Brewton's The Mafia, CIA and George
Bush and "Operation Lone Star".....a three-legged stood.
     Webb's reference to Peter Brewton will draw from Jeff Leen a chargeof "conspiracy theorist", but Brewton's work like Webb's is meticulously documented. Hear Leen at 42:30 of their debate (see below).  Leen will also charge that there are "time gaps" in the reporting when, in fact, there is a seamlessness in the drug connection between Dark Alliance, Brewton's investigation into the Iran-Contra connections to the S&L Scandal and Operation Lone Star. 
     Steve Weinberg of IRE will repeatedly, but very subtly, support Leen's attack by first describing him as one who has truly read ALL the evidence, by describing him as THE expert on the subject while Webb was only"learning" and by qualifying audience input for Leen's position.  The harshest attacks from the audience come from reporters from the UP and from the Wall Street Journal
     Thomas and Mick Hajecate, Lance Eisenberg and Chilton Lamar Chester were co-defendants in the Operation Lone Star case that informs and compliments both Brewton's and Webb's investigations, but without their actually making the connections at the time of their note sharing. 
     The Associated Press' head, Louis Boccardi will join Bush consigliore, Dick Thornburgh, in his attack of Marian Carr Knox who had typed the original Ellington Field, Houston, Texas Air National Guard memos of George W. Bush, another indication that Houston, Texas was ground zero for Brewton's investigation and Operation Lone Star that tied the Columbia cocaine route through the West Indies and Bahamas into the U.S. via CIA airports that Brewton's work uncovered in Texas in a area from which, today, former CIA agent, William Hurd, serves as Congressman.     
     In his debate with Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News, Jeff Leen, then with the Miami Herald and after 2003 with the Washington Post, quoted Phil Jones who said that you didn't need a conspiracy theory, a term that Leen used immediately after Pulitizer Prize winning-Webb made a reference to his conversation with the award-winning Houston Post reporter, Peter Brewton, in Texas (The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, 1992).    That cocaine was making its way from the Bahamas into Miami in the 1980's and that it wasn't being distributed first by the CRIPS and BLOODS (Webb/Leen Debate on IRE, moderated by Steve Weinberg at 40:40) there as Webb asserted, Leen could have and did claim, but in the shadowy world of drug dealing and clandestine airports and back alley pilots things change quickly.  Both were correct. Webb and Brewton had two major elements of the story in their back pocket but their story had jumped in with the 1990's.   All they needed was a full history of Operation Lone Star and they then had the entire overview like mounting an illusive unicorn with the help of a sturdy three legged stool, the evolution of which Leen was bound and determined to confuse with the assertion that there were gaps in Webb's story.  Leen, who comes unglued in the debate when Webb mentions Brewton, likes red herring, but why?  
     When you consider the place that the Washington Post's Vernon Loeb had in the reworking of the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories, not to mention the Paula Broadwell book which Loeb co-authored, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, and HOUSTON! WE HAVE A PROBLEM!  In the world of building consent for war, war funding and war racketeering the truth becomes a casualty.  Especially when one notes that the Operation Lone Star debacle was being managed within Houston's justice system that included events in the Bahamas, Florida, Georgia and Texas with the indictment of a Houston DA who was selling evidence to the defendants' lawyers in the Operation Lone Star case.
     Operation Lone Star would disclose that Carlos Ledher was in business with Robert Vesco who was in business with William Casey who had succeeded Bay of Pigs paymaster from Miami and Galveston, Paul Helliwell.   Seamless?  How's this for seamless?  When the Houston crime lab was in shambles, too, the special investigator brought in to clean it up was former Iran-Contra prosecutor and firewaller, Michael Bromwich, the one who along with Dick Thornburgh, the former U.S. Attorney General, skewered the testimony of Mrs. Marian Carr Knox in the GWB/Ellington Field Texas Air National Guard case of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes and later of former FBI's Louis Freeh's investigation into the culpability of Joe Paterno in the Jerry Sandusky affair.  Bromwich's "work" was being paid millions from confiscated drug money....something of which Houston and Harris County, as evidenced by Operation Lone Star, had plenty.
     Then consider that Peter Brewton had made much of the untimely death of Robert Corson, son-in-law of Walter Mischer whom Brewton not only linked to the CIA's Terlingua, Texas airfield managed by the number two guy at Guantanamo during the Bay of Pigs, John H. "Jack" Modesett, but that Mischer had also funded a secret Contra training base in Belize.  Brewton and Webb had only to notice that Corson was on his way to the court of Judge David Hittner in Houston who had his issues with the Edward Harold Bell case, the Michael Lloyd Self case and whose wife was working in a business funded by the foundation of Robert Cizik of the Carlyle Group.
      Webb's story, told as it was from his perspective in LA, a story that Leen said was likely to have been a solid local story and not a national story was as seamless as the evolution of the U.S. and British history in the China Trade and needed little tweeking.  That China story would be aided in our understanding and its historical context with the discovery in 1950 of the hull of the  Frolic north of San Francisco not far from Fort Bragg and the book by Thomas Layton published in 1999 by Stanford University Press, The Voyage of the Frolic:  New England Merchants and the Opium Trade.   The Frolic was a New England opium clipper built in the Baltimore ship yard of the Gardner family that employed a slave named Fred Bailey (Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey), later known as Frederick Douglass who argued against slavery in Boston's Faneuil Hall, the very same place that Caleb Cushing hosted Jefferson Davis to speak for slavery just before the Civil War.   Was "Freeway" Rick Ross a later version of Fred Bailey?  Who were they ultimately serving?  With Boston hosting one of John Brown's "secret six" backers who was trying to corner the lead (bullets) market, George Luther Stearns, what would a Civil War mean for the war profiteers and anesthetic companies remembering that pharmacist and patent medicine entrepreneur, Eli Lilly, was one of the Union's finest artillery men?   Throw in with Lilly the father of Bernard Baruch and the father of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and their work is dependent on opioids. What would civil wars in the Middle East mean to the same ugly business of war racketeering, severed limb, medical advances, surgical training sites and MASH units, medicine's "golden hour", the evolution of technology and science all in need of what Bostonian, Dr. Oliver Wendall Holmes Sr., termed "anesthetics"....the use of which, for pain relief, the more fortunate sons avoided, but often embraced for enhanced personal pleasure?
       Here is the simple formula for finding truth in the matter of the Ellington Field history.  The story of the George W. Bush issues of entitlement are much deeper than the Rather/Mapes late-coming botch-job.  It is more accurately found standing firmly on the legs of a three-legged stool....books actually and an investigation.....the 1992 book by Peter Brewton that documents the preceding assertions, of the Houston Post, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, Gary Webb's 1996 book Dark Alliance and a little known Texas investigation called Operation Lone Star.  Keeping Webb's contribution to truth apart from Brewton's contribution to truth during the IRE's or Investigative Journalists and Editors debate in 1997 was clearly Jeff Leen's and Steve Weinberg's agenda....Leen nearly swallowing his adenoids when Webb brought Brewton up (Hear it for yourself at 42:30 of the debate).  All they needed was Operation Lone Star and their three-legged stool proved the step up we all need to see the truth clearly.  How do we really know when someone gets close to the truth these days?  They kill the messenger/s.  Just like in the old days.

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