Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gerard Roth's Friend Ryan Michael Siegel Cannot Spell "Poor"

College Education Wasted!
by Cassius Spartacus Koine, CPW News Service

Cayden 's Photo Snapper Finds His Friends Illiterate.  Looses Job AND Disassociates From Ryan Michael Siegel for Misspelling “Poor”.

Photo by Gerard Roth and used by unexpressed permission but following the increasingly invasive practice of on-line violation of privacy for which author is not expecting infringement actions.

      “I’m not sure why Roth took a photo of Cayden, but Cayden is a minor and being a child deserves the protection of adults,” said Cornelius V. Polares an Atlanta journalist and  five-time spelling bee champion.

     Cayden, the son of one of Gerard Roth's co-workers featured in a photo Roth uploaded to the Internet triggered a series of racially colored comments from over fifty of Roth's friends reaping a whirlwind of comments and moving Roth's employer to fire Roth.

     “I fully expect that Ryan Michael Siegel has lost his job, too, unless he is in a profession that has no need for written communication.  The word ‘poor’ means ‘impoverished’.   If Cayden looks impoverished it doesn’t show in this photo.  Like all little boys his age he has a slight stain at the top of his otherwise white t-shirt, a sign that someone has seen to it that he has received some form of nourishment or fluids.  Now, did Ryan Michael Siegel see this stain and think, ‘this is a pour kid’ who like all little boys pours stuff on himself like my 90 year-old grandfather and like we after four Margaritas on a Saturday night in Buckhead,” said Polares.  Polares said that one of his favorite country and western songs had the lyrics "I had a barbecue stain on my white t-shirt. She was killing me in that mini-skirt.  A guy can't forget something like that," indicating that "pour" is not synonymous with "poor".  Tim McGraw's song made it to number one in the U.S. and Canada and he "used that barbecue stain on his white t-shirt to fund a free mortgage program for U.S. veterans returning from war in Afghanistan and Iraq," said Polares.

Hiram Powers'
Greek Slave
   Slavery ownership is not a good idea according to Polares.  “Moses frowned on slavery as we should, too.   I don’t think that Jesus thought it was a great idea either.   Now some have argued that there are some jobs like cotton picking that are so distasteful that only slaves would do it, but to that I say either “go naked” or “invent a combine and cotton press and train paid drivers and gin operators.”  If you are looking for justification to be a human trafficker  you cannot forget the Hiram Powers statue of the lilly white Greek Slave that caused American slave owners to consider the unthinkable…..that we are all just a day away from this abomination becoming our own lifestyle,” said Polares who believes that it should be a felony to post a child’s photo online without the express permission of his or her parent or guardian and that even then that child should be able to bring suit in a court of law for breech of privacy, including his parents, and that this law should have a forty-year statute of limitation.     Polares believes that Roth could claim that he did not know that Cayden was in the photo when he snapped it and that he didn't look at it before uploading it to the Internet.   Then he could claim that his friends revealed a side of themselves he had never seen before and that he was "Shocked! Shocked! At their immaturity and insensitivity.  Or just come clean."
     Polares noted that many fair skinned people have already encountered slavery by fellow fair skinned people.  "For example, during the Nazi occupation of Europe many fair skinned people were enslaved to serve Hitler's Reich.  Hitler's henchmen decided in the end that those slaves that couldn't serve the Reich would need to have their skin darkened to the about the color of burned toast."

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mr. Koine,

    My family is from Georgia. Not just from anywhere in Georgia, but from Walton County, home of the Moore's Ford Bridge Massacre. I read about this history in a book by Laura Wexler titled Fire In A Canebrake.

    I understand why 52 of Mr. Roth's fine friends would find this photo comical. I don't.

    That is why I am encouraging the mother of this little boy to sue Mr. Roth and the company that hired him for defamation of a child's character in a court of law. This mother will not be able to work at this fine company any more without having to confront Mr. Roth's actions everyday for the rest of her life.

    Ten to one Cayden will end up spelling better than Roth's buddies and he will end up wearing nicer clothes on his way to his job where I am sure that he will not exploit others.