Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal Fueled Rise of ISIS In Libya

Benghazi Muslim Woman Claims Shinning Light Beneath  Veil of Silence, But No Thanks For Hillary

 By Prudence Asgard, CPW News Service

     “Sidney Blumenthal was an unofficial advisor to Hillary on Libya laying the groundwork for new business relationships related to Libya’s oil and other natural resources for those close to the Clinton Foundation,” said Rania Nesreen Ibrahim of Benghazi, Libya.

Rania Nesreen Ibrahim,
Benghazi, Libya
      “When my husband heard that a Jewish guy and a female Secretary of State from the U.S. had opened up a forward CIA base in the middle of a Libyan civil war for making diplomatic advancements to help the poor Libyan people who should have, could have, used the help in fighting our perverted toad, Ghadaffi, much earlier he flipped out and joined ISIS.  I was free to walk the streets without this damn burka before BC.   That’s before BC, 'Blumenthal and Clinton.'  Now look at me.   I have to hide my face or risk a stoning.   We would have rather seen the Bush family connected Halliburton or KBR, USIS or Blackwater, come in here with their beer gutted, butt-cracks-bulging oil field workers on every street corner than to have had  BC thrust upon us.  Congress may not have found a smoking gun under Hillary’s dress, but believe me, I have a potentially smoking AK-47 under this god awful burka and I’m not afraid to use it, but I haven't decided who to use it on, yet.  Thank you Allah,” said Mrs. Ibrahim.    “I know that Mrs. Clinton did not talk with Craig Stephens, while she had frequent conversations with Mr. Blumenthal about his primary mission.  I also know that she encouraged the family of the murdered Mr. Dogherty and others to focus not on his death and that of the others, but upon the misguided souls in Libya whose anger was triggered by that anti-Islamic movie.  Was she thinking of her future business ventures in Libya that the incident had jeopardized? Was she thinking about me in this sweltering heat?  Well, I’m one of those ignorant people and I can tell you that this god awful war mongering which Mrs. Clinton articulated in militaristic terms after her eleven hour hearing when she said ‘Joe Biden has been in the trenches with us for years,’……and ‘he’ll be with us on the front lines.’    Well, I’m on the front lines of the women’s movement in Libya and I can tell you that throwing the Jewish Mr. Blumenthal into the Libyan dust storm to find oil and other goodies set back our cause a hundered years or more.  Anyway, aren't Democrats the party taking the lead of weening the world off of oil and onto renewables?  I say leave the oil in the ground so that it can continue to produce clean burning natural gas for CNG and turn loose the world's scientists to solve our energy problems with other energy and kick the old fossils hunting fossil fuels in the balls like I hope Hillary did to Bill after that Lewsinsky affair.  Is she Blumenthal's cousin?”

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