Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

U.S. Attorneys For Endless Bickering Agree To Debate On the Winsip Custer Site

Preparation for the Upcoming 2016 Presidential Election Focuses Lawyer's Attention on
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Famous Quotation

by Socrates Hyatus Smith for CPW News Service

With the 2016 Presidential election approaching and with Hillary Clinton and JEB Bush wanting to disregard other contenders the Association of American Lawyers for Boundless Bickering have agreed to sharpen their debating skills in preparation for the Presidential debating season that will "roll up on us like a cloud of benzene at a Koch brothers' oil refinery.   Let's join in by jumping in with both feet," said one recent member of the AALFBB.

John H. Fudenmouth an AALFBB founding member said that he welcomes the challenge of addressing in a debate the quotation of Oliver Wendell Holmes the Supreme Court Justice who said:   "You must be just before you can be charitable."

"I'm taking the exact opposite position," said Fudenmouth.   "I believe that you must be charitable before you can be just.  Without charity as a first cause we are all screwed.  Mothers would have left their babies to die in the wilderness.  Deprived of charity we are a John Wayne Gacy, a Ted Bundy, a Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld.   I am delighted that this website is providing a forum for refining our oratorical skills in this upcoming Presidential election cycle.  And speaking of cycle?    In JEB Bush and Hillary Clinton we seem to be recycling a sad sack of 'been there and done that already,'" said Fudenmouth who is also distressed that Donald Trump is rising in popularity as a 2016 candidate and, in fact, leads the Republican pack.

Participants are asked to join in the discussion as pro or con....."You must be just before you can be charitable. "  All comments including rebuttals should be limited to 200 words.

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