Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, March 18, 2014



By Golda Ovembud for CPW News Service
     With women in the Third World and other regions where women experience gang rape and so called “honor killings” there is a rising clamour for the kinds of individual freedoms experienced in the West.
       Freda Fructbar of the Christian religious group, Lutheraner für Fruchtbare Frauen, die Geburtenkontrolle or Lutherans for Fertile Women Who Practice Birth Control,  said without equivocation “the empowerment of women began with the advent of Easter as a fertility rite." 
     In 1822, when Pastor Hans Von  Kanachen developed the bright idea of combining the hiding of eggs on the church lawn with a game directed by a big lovable bunny, Germany began to see within a decade the elevation of the self-esteem of German girls.    The use of a big cuddly bunny had the secondary effect of making German boys believe that eggs were extremely valuable,  difficult to find and must be handled with great care, but are always easily collected by those who approach them with a soft, gentle touch, but without omitting a relentless pursuit.  
       When Pastor Von Kanachen came up with the idea many German Lutheran pastors complained that this did little to really effect the self-esteem of boys.   One Jesuit Priest, Father Stange Eindringen suggested as an alternative to only  hiding eggs that there should also be a “sperm-hunt,” but he was overridden by the Vatican and sent to a monastery in the Baltic region. 
    Bill Maher recently interviewed author Salman Rushdie on his Real Time HBO program.  Rushdie indicated that  Iran was leading the rest of the Muslim world in women’s rights and reproductive choices.   “Yes,” said Freda Fructbar, “this is a wonderful development on initial observation, but it should be noted that the Ayatollahs had asked the good women of Iran to have babies to provide soldiers to fight Saddam Hussein the Iran-Iraq War.  The women responded faithfully and with the end of that war the 20 million man army they conceived was essentially unemployed so they may be looking for a new altar of war upon which to sacrifice themselves.    There is a downside to what Pastor Von Kanachen developed with this Easter tradition that parallels the Ayatollah’s command and that is the fact that an unbridled rise in self-esteem of men OR women can, without education in ethics, birth control, sustainable living, war racketeering and peacemaking, lead to the creation of a Nazi Reich and an Else Koch, the little “Bitch of Buchenwald,” said Fructbar.  "I am trying to get Germany and the other developed nations to pass the WARRECO ACT.   That's the War RECO Act that does for corporations that fuel war for profit what RECO did to fight organized crime."

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