Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

BRENNAN VS. FEINSTEIN: CIA's Top Spy Sweeps Senate. Ducks Under Wing of CFR and Greenspan's Wife

John Brennan Bringing New Era Of 007 House Keeping

by Wilbur Force Debastudos CPW News Service

     George W. Bush and Dick Cheney supported extreme interrogation techniques.  On leaving the CIA, previous Director, Leon Panetta, ordered an investigation into charges that his agency used illegal methods to thwart the investigation commonly known as "obstruction of justice".  Diane Feinstein, former Mayor of San Francisco and Senator from California did not like the heavy handed actions taken to remove classified documents from the Committee members' computers.  She said so in a lengthy and passionate speech on the floor of the Senate, the same floor where she has argued for greater gun control in the wake of the assassinations in San Francisco of Harvey Milk and George Moscone.

     John Brennan, the University of Texas trained expert in Middle Eastern Affairs and fluent in Arabic appealed to the American people's most trusted non-elected body of semi-impartial but rich and controlling representatives....some would say "demonic megalomaniacal oligarchical tyrants."  Speaking plain English and perched before the CFR banner, Brennan gave a non-denial denial. Sitting before the John D. Rockefeller created Council on Foreign Relations, Brennan was questioned by wife of former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell.  Greenspan, it should be remembered, admitted that Hank Paulson's 2008 bailout took him by surprise and that he had not properly estimated the negative effect of the exotic Wall Street metrics used in what were called Credit Default Swaps. Those Frankensteinish swaps were  created  by MIT economics professor Robert Merton, the son of Robert Merton, Columbia University's "Wizard of Applied Sociology" whose work informed America's major media moguls, Madison Avenue and Wall Street myth-makers.  This explosive little financial IED won Merton a Nobel Prize for economics while Joe Six-pack thought all along his wife was just keeping up with sane Joneses next door who moved to a five car garage home with granite counter tops and walk-in Jacuzzi before the foreclosure. 

     Taking his lead from Wall Street's shifty swap savages and bubble blowing bamboozlers, Brennan, in a rare public appearance by a Central Intelligence Agency Director.... as unusual as George Tenet's UN support for Colin Powell's Yellow Cake Uranium speech at the UN or  John Deutsch's appearance in Los Angeles following the Rodney King riots that were partially flamed by the reports from the San Jose Mercury New's Gary Webb and his accusation that the Agency fueled the crack cocaine epidemic, Brennan claimed lily white-Irish innocence.

     Meanwhile, the son of former Goldman Sachs chairman, U.S. Senator and Governor of New Jersey before his defeat by now embattled bridge closer, Chris Christi, discovered that his son was found dead of a suicide in a Mexico City hotel on March 13th.  Corzine, a Democrat who had taken Goldman Sachs public in 1999, the year that Bill Clinton's administration rolled back the Glass-Steagall Act opening the floodgates to George Walker Bush's economic rape of the nation, was ousted from his CEO position and replaced by Hank Paulson the bailout king fish. 
     In the wake of the Great Depression, Glass-Steagall forbade the copulative assembly of investment houses and banks thus prohibiting the overreach and deep, slimy penetration of one financial function into the other at investor expense.  
     "With Glass-Steagall murdered in 1999 'Confuscious' saying became oh so true'," said one investor...."Confucius say, 'Child conceived on back seat of Chevy with automatic transmission grow up to be shiftless bastard.'"  
     Corzine and Paulson are the fathers of a bungled brood of rich shiftless bastards," said one disgruntled investor burned when Corzine's MF Global went bankrupt and when Paulson started pushing Chinese investment in the U.S.. 

     "I had wanted to supply 'Made in America' drilling pipe in Texas for the Eagle Ford shale reserves, but I can't complete with the Paulson and his shiftless bastard buddies from Goldman Sachs who brought in Chinese partners with Chesepeake Oil getting around U.S. laws to prohibit conflicted foreign investment" the investor continued. 

     "I think that the current CIA-Senate issue is a case of a Congress-created National Security State Agency from 1947 having gone wild and now trying to protect its turf, kind of like a college fraternity sneaking into the registrar's office to change their test scores," said Hilda D. Climer of the outspoken citizen's group Ethics In Spying, Morality in Assassinations
    "Then when they get caught they don't appeal to the elected Faculty/Student Senate, but to Big Daddy Warbucks who claims that he created the place with his billions.  Panetta is Italian and Feinstein is Jewish.   The CIA is likely still kind of WASP'y and there could be some cultural and ethnic stuff going on, too.  When you throw an African American President into the mix who likely is carrying their water and when you consider that Treasury Secretary from Goldman Sachs' Robert Rubin....like Hank Paulson after him.... is a CFR member and that his lackey, Timothy Geitner, followed the bailout artist Paulson at Treasury....thank you GWB and Barak....and it all gets really dicey.   Remember that Obama's wife, Michelle worked at the historic Republican law firm of Sidley Austin which defended Stuart Bowen's handling of the Iraq Recovery initiative which lost a pallet of $50 billion somewhere in the Green Zone and requiring his defense by attorney, Bernard Berenson,  of Sidley, Austin, Brown and Wood...the Brown and Wood was the New York City law firm long tied to National City Bank and Alexander Brown of Baltimore....hello Brown Brothers Harriman....Brown & Root.....KBR....and so on.  Sidley and Austin was the historic Republican-aligned Springfield, Il., law firm that handled the legal affairs of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln and cousin of slaver John C. Breckinridge. This firm merged with Brown and Wood of New York in 2000/2001 which was domiciled in the World Trade Center on 9/11, thus providing evidence that 911 could not have been an inside job unless by someone unthinkably evil.  Which we now know is nowhere near the realm of an impossibility. Mr. Berenson was heavily involved in everything from the Patriot Bill, a less stringent definition of "torture" and the validity of the Geneva Convention as well as counsel to U.S. Attorney General, Texas Alberto Gonzales, who like Texas State Attorney General Dan Morales, also had some problems.  Berenson, a summa cum laude graduate of Yale Law School, had clerked for Laurence Silberman, the judge appointed by GWB to investigate the Bush Administration's rationale for the invasion of Iraq based on WMD's. 

Thank God that John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two whitey guys from the South and West are on Feinstein's side in the Senate," Climer explained.

"I am troubled that Hank Paulson has moved on to bigger things along with a host of his Goldman Sach colleages.  Now he's working on helping China to take over America's last remaining oil reserves," said Climer.

Climer pointed to a recent article on just why the CIA's top officer would make a pilgrimage to the CFR to press his case.    "You have to understand the history and what CIA  Director Allen Dulles said famously... 'the American people don't read'.  I'll condense it for you.  Aby Warburg, the oldest son of Moritz and Charlotte Oppenheimer Warburg married the daughter of Solomon Loeb in New York in 1895.  Paul Warburg, during a visit to Great American Southwest met with the Smithsonian Institute’s Frank Hamilton Cushing, the American anthropologist and was taken by the intensity of the Hopi Indian’s Snake Dance.  The snake was an important symbol for him for some reason.  Cushing was a member of the Caleb Cushing family of Boston who negotiated Amerca's first trade agreement with China promising not to dump opium into China from India, Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan.  Of course, being an opium smuggler, Cushing had his fingers crossed while he shook on the deal.  This is the same family that for decades controlled the price of crude oil at the East/West pipeline head of Cushing, Oklahoma, the same city through which the Keystone Pipeline will travel North and South to the refineries in Houston near Freeport's Freeport McMoran Sulfur company, whose longstanding board member was that shady old crocodile war monger Henry Kissinger. Freeport McMoran  mines the sulfur that makes the gunpowder to fill the bullets that are shipped to the military to protect 'Peak Oil'....forget about alternative energy.  Paul Warburg’s father-in-law, Solomon Loeb, became an early proponent of the Federal Reserve Board of which Paul Warburg was a member along with a founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Solomon was founder of Kuhn Loeb & Co. which was the investment house for John D. Rockefeller.  The Loeb’s and Warburg’s were intermarried with many of the other Wall Street investment houses….Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brother whose bankruptcy Hank Paulson used as the precipitating event for the 2008 bailout which forced billions and billions into the tightly controlled  "Too Big To Fail Banks" which can now finish the sell out of America.  Historically they were strong supporters of E.H. Harriman and helped him to reorganized the Union Pacific and take control of the Northern Pacific Railroads.  Prescott Bush worked for Brown Brothers Harriman.  CIA Director Allen Dulles was right when he said 'Americans don't read'," Climer concluded.   "Still I wonder who all these people are really working for and I'm not at all sure it is for the American people as a whole as it should be.  They are working to secure their own elite power base," said Climber.

"We've got the CIA spying on the Senate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christi closing bridges on Democratic opponents as punishment, meanwhile the Goldman Sachs criminals are opening the bridges to the Chinese and selling off what energy reserves we have left.   Meanwhile, the same old douche bags-of-wind like the ill-fated energy dinosaurs, James Woolsey, Bud McFarland, James Schlesinger, George Schultz and Boyden Gray whose father stripped Robert Oppenheimer of his security clearance so he couldn't take on the frack happy freaks sit back and laugh or, like H. Ross Perot sits back and says "I told you so and listen to more of that god awful sucking sound I warned against. Glad I've made mine so WTF!" said Climer.

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