Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, July 31, 2015

Robert Redford, James Vanderbilt, Sony Picture “Truth”: NOT!

New Redford and Vanderbilt Film Spins Spider Web of History-Bending Mythology

October 16, 2015 Release of "Half-truth"

"Mythology Entertainment.....I couldn' t have put it more clearly!" -Seymore Hearses

 By Winsip Custer and Fabian Colbachi  CPW News Service

     The upcoming Sony Classic  movie, Truth, based on the book by Mary Mapes, Truth and Duty starring Robert Redford as Dan Rather, Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes, Elizabeth Moss as Lucy Scott and Lady Beth Incognito as Ellington Field Commander Colonel Jerry Killian’s secretary, Marian Carr Knox, upon whose typing of the original memos the entire Rather/Mapes/CBS 60 Minutes story was based and who worked at the Texas Air National Guard training base from 1957 to 1979, is showing glaring signs of a John Ford or Joseph Goebbels media makeover.

     “There is no Lady Beth Incognito is there?” asked a reporter for the periodical Flim Flam in Films.  “No," said media myth-spin-watcher at the Plath Institute for Poetic Justice, Seymore  Hearses.  "The single most important person in the Rathergate story is not on the list of credits of the film's cast....the person who typed the memos upon which the whole story was based.  Bizarre, isn’t it?  I don’t even find Colonel Jerry Killian’s character in the film either.  How can that story be told without the key players dramatized and I’m not talking Mapes, Rather or Scott?” asked Hearses who has registered his concern that American actors are completely complicit and compromised in their lack of curiosity about the stories they are willing to spin for a hefty salary.
The cast missing Killian and Knox?  It's the gall damn-dest thing I've ever seen.  It would be like re-telling the story of Moby Dick without Ahab, Queequig, Starbuck or Ismael.  Redford getting senile?  Or was this all Rather and Redford's well-paid swan song? -Seymore Hearses

     “Take Redford’s understudy, Brad Pitt, moulded as he was for his movie roles by his early associations with Redford in the film A River Runs Through It.     Well, a sewer ran through the recent Pitt film Fury in which Pitt normalizes the blatant disregard for the Geneva Conventions with the brutal execution-style murder of a captured German soldier during World War II that helped to normalize killing for a piss-ant rookie who had no balls,” said Hearses.    
       Hearses was even more outspoken about Pitt’s part in promoting what he called “consent for war”.   At the premier of Pitt’s spam-in-a-can tank story that had nothing of Sahara’s plot and power…..and you have to remember that Humphrey Bogart starred in The Harder They Fall which challenged the brutality of the professional fight-game bamboozle, Pitt pumps us with the normalization of mindless brutality.  Did General Colin Powell or General G.W. Casey take the high ground and criticize Pitt's part in the putrid performance....‘Blow a big hole in that Nazi’s back,’” said Hearses.   “Classy!”
      Now, coming from Redford is the half-baked story of Dan Rather’s 2004 stab at GWB’s Texas Air National Guard record that had Hunter S. Thompson taking aim at the son of GHWB and the “silver foot in his mouth,” opponent of Texas Governor Ann Richards.  Hearses noted that the entire story of Truth and Duty that Mapes knew about in 1999 a year before the fateful 2000 Presidential election that opened the floodgates of the U.S. “Bushwacking” with the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagal that brought on Enron, World-Com and even the 2008 financial meltdown seven years into the “yellow cake” bamboozle and we see why Hunter S. Thompson….for all of his over-the-wall lunacy….had apparently finally seen the light when he wrote in Kingdom of Fear:
     We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world—a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just Whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will judge us. . . No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we’ll kill you.
     Well, shit on that dumbness. George W. Bush does not speak for me or my son or my mother or my friends or the people I respect in this world. We didn’t vote for these cheap, greedy little killers who speak for America today—and we will not vote for them again in 2002. Or 2004. Or ever.
     Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads? Who among us can be happy and proud of having all this innocent blood on our hands? Who are these swine? These flag-sucking half-wits who get fleeced and fooled by stupid little rich kids like George Bush?
     They are the same ones who wanted to have Muhammad Ali locked up for refusing to kill gooks. They speak for all that is cruel and stupid and vicious in the American character. They are the racists and hate mongers among us—they are the Ku Klux Klan. I piss down the throats of these Nazis.
     And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not. Fuck them.

     Of course, Hunter Thompson was wrong about a traditional definition of the Ku Klux Klan.  George W. Bush may be associated with an anglophile element of U.S. power elites associated with an unrepentant Tory element that followed the ethics of Albert Pike and who were at the heart of the 1930's Fascist "Business Plotters", but this group was hardly just a Southern residual of disenfranchised citizens left over from the Civil War.  In fact, the entire U.S. Civil War was a sham that used the high moral ground of abolition of slavery to fuel the rush of the railroad to the Pacific and the poppy fields of the Middle East and the Chinese silks, spices and other products for which the opiates were traded.  But in essence Thompson was dead on.
      “Will the premier of Truth be like Fury at the Newseum in Washington D.C.?” asked Hearses.   “The 400 million dollar shrine to the death of the Fourth Estate is ironically home to Al Jezeera, the Arab language media company that bought Al Gore’s television station from its hefty oil-economy based backers.  We see here why the CIA Director, Alan Dulles, said ‘Americans don’t read.’   Which is just how actors can be recruited to spin the half-truths that are sold as Truth.  Al Jezeera, not so ironically is domiciled in Qatar, the location of the U.S. military's forward leadership in the region where any Arab affiliated media is as likely to be an arm of the U.S. Information Agency as Prince Bandar Bush's favorite Saudi channels.
     Especially troubling to Hearses is the fact that Dan Rather, while taking aim at GWB, was also a close friend and business partner with former Secretary of Defense and architect of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, Donald Rumsfeld who made his big financial killings in the development of Aspartame and Tamiflu.   “Yea,” said Hearses, “The guy from the Vietnam War era with Cheney, Kissinger and McNamara whom Nixon called ‘That ruthless little bastard.’   Did these guys get Rather into his news gathering position in Nam like he is on the front row of the Ellington Field story like a Samsung clothes washer on ultra-spin?  Who is playing Boccardi and Thornburgh in Truth?  Hummmm? Rummy and Rather owned a nine thousand acre ranch in New Mexico and Rummy also owned Misery Plantation where Frederick Douglass was 'renditioned' before being sent back into slavery.   Ask Amy Goodwin.  Rather's cousin, Rebecca Rather, co-owns the mineral rights on the historic Nassau-Waldec Plantation near Rick Perry's new home in Round Top, Texas....all right there in the Fayette County tax records.  Nassau/Waldec was home for a while after the Civil War to the Buffalo Soldiers on their way to help clear the Indians out of the West like our soldiers are doing from the oil rich Middle East while alternative energy development is under house arrest like Copernicus and Galileo.  Man, you cannot get this stuff from watching Robert Redford and James Vanderbilt or Brad Pitt movies while chugging your high fructose Coke and pushing in the buttered popcorn," said Hearses.  "Perry, whose home is not far from Waller County where the ex-Governor wisely does not call his Round Top home Niggerhead Ranch,  is only fifty miles from where Prairie View A&M's new employee, Sandra Bland, was found hung in the Waller County jail, in a county where the current sheriff was last opposed by a black police officer from Katy, Texas in Harris County whose major support came from students and faculty from Prairie View A&M" said Hearses.
     “You think that Rummy is anywhere in Robert Redford’s Truth?  Like Marian Carr Knox, Louis Boccardi, Dick Thornburgh or Knox's son, Patrick Carr, who when she declined after her visit with Associated Press' Boccardi and Bush consigliore, Dick Thornburgh,  to re-affirm the story she recorded in Rather's CBS interview.....the essence of Rather and Mapes' case.....Patrick Carr's mother would strangely not re-confirm?  How odd!  So Patrick, her son,  did it for her, but Mrs. Knox, Rather, Mapes and CBS could have done it in 2000 when it would have really made a huge difference! All of these together in 2000 are like GWB in 1972, and Rummy, too, AWOL from Truth,” said Hearses.  "Redford must be hiding them out with the Hole-In-The-Wall Gang," said Hearses, "Or with Tom Booker, The Horse Whisperer, in some remote location in Montana, while Mr. Vanderbilt is saying nothing about Cornelius' long-time battle with William Walker over a Golden Circle of Slavery in the Caribbean and their well documented fight over a canal across Central America.....all nicely hidden behind the Monroe Doctrine," said Hearses noting that William Walker's biggest backer at the time was President Franklin Pierce, ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush.
       A year ago Variety's Dave McNary warned the public it was coming, "but who would have thunk it was so literally and clearly a history-twister just before the upcoming 2016 election," said  Hearses.  McNary wrote in the July 9, 2014 Variety article on the Redford film: James Vanderbilt, who wrote Zodiac" and both "The Amazing Spider-Man" scripts, will make his directorial debut along with writing and producing through his Mythology Entertainment banner along with Brad Fischer, William Sherak and Mikkel Bondesen.
     "Mythology Entertainment.....I couldn' t have put it more clearly!" said Hearses.

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