Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Howard Stern and Dan Rather: Carlos Montoya Speaks Out. Fabian Colbachi Listens

Sirius Radio Janitor Overhears Stern/Rather Agreement

April 7, 2014 Rather Interview Stripped of GWB Questions

by Cathy Querik for WPC News Service

     Temporary custodial worker at Sirius Radio who was mopping the halls on the day of April 7, 2014 when Howard Stern and Dan Rather agreed that they would not talk about George Walker Bush's legacy nor the memos that became the source of contention between CBS News and their long-time anchor man, could not keep silent.

    "Si," said Montoya, "Senior Rather say no questions about memos or he vamanos.   Senior Stern say 'no problema'."

     Coupled with the fact that Rather's CBS producer, Mary Mapes, had learned of the story of GWB's Texas Air National Guard record back in 1999 that cost Rather his job at CBS in 2005 and could have been used in the 2000 election between Vice President Al Gore and Texas Governor George W. Bush, Fabian Colbachi, an outspoken critic of CBS's handling of the story said "it's all b.s. folks and it's bad for you."

     Colbachi contends that the avoidance of the story in 2000 was a clear example of what Noam Chomsky call "building consent for war."   "Rather was CBS's golden boy and had cut his teeth on the unnecessary Vietnam War.  Having worked at the Houston Chronicle whose newest managing editor is Vernon Loeb whose experience at bamboozling the nation toward war is seen in his work at the Washington Post where he provided the twisting of the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories before turning to Paula Broadwell to write with her All In:   The Education of General David Petraeus and you begin to see the depth of U.S. journalism's heart of darkness," said Colbachi who doubts that Carlos Montoya is a real person.  "That testimony may be as cooked up as the fact that Rather was an innocent outside voice looking in and  not well-connected to the mastermind of the Abu Ghraib scandal, the owner of Maryland's Misery Plantation and co-owner with Rather of the Tecolote Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico," said Colbachi.

     "This Rather/Rumsfeld marriage and now Rather/Stern silence continues the policy coup that General Wesley Clark explained was the Neo-Con's mission post-2000.....the racket of war," said Colbachi.

One anonymous reviewer of the Stern interview echoed Colbachi's concerns:

     Mary Mapes says in Truth and Duty that she became aware of the GWB National Guard memos in 1999.  Why didn't she and Dan Rather bring that story to the nation before 2000 instead of 2004.....before the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall when the floodgates were opened for the big Bush bamboozle of the economy and phony war that has cost the nation over $4 trillion.  Have Rather back on and answer that question before he's dead, Howard, or is this part of a U.S./Israeli agenda or an Allen Dorfman-type assault on reasoned regulation of the hog-wild business, government and media madhouse?

     With the arrival in 2015 of Robert Redford's new movie TRUTH based on the Mapes book about the 2004 GWB memos and Brad Pitt's recent film FURY which is little more than war porn and a Joseph Goebbels-type propaganda film that premiered at Washington D.C.'s new cathedral to journalism, the Newseum, where General Colin Powel and General G.W. Casey, both in attendance failed to address the films' blatant example of the disregard for the Geneva Conventions and we are witnessing just why Dan Rather and Donald Rumsfeld were co-owners of a ranch in New Mexico where they got their jollies killing exotic game.

    "I would like to have heard Rather tell us just why the 1988 death of Osama Bin Laden's older brother, Salem Bin Laden, in an ultra-light airplane accident at Cibolo, Texas in which the seasoned jet pilot inexplicably flew into a high power line was reported by 60 Minutes' celebrated fact-finder, Lowell Bergman, wrongly.  Flat out wrong!   Bergman did a documentary for PBS that claimed the accident was in Salem's BAC-111 twin engine jet and not an ultra-light.....a story that was never corrected," said Colbachi.  "Pretty strange considering that Bergman was considered the white knight in the slaying of the Big Tobacco dragon," Colbachi reasoned.

     Colbachi strongly asserted that Vernon Loeb's senior editor at the Washington Post, Steve Coll, went on to become the Henry Luce Professor and Dean of the Journalism Department at Columbia University and that another of Loeb's colleagues and Coll's journalism lieutenants at the Washington Post, Jeff Leen, had "thrown Gary Webb under the bus when he came out with his 1996 book, Dark Alliance:  The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion.  "Webb had built his case on the prior work of the Houston Chronicle's rival reporter at the Houston Post, Peter Brewton, whose 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush: Corruption, Greed and Abuse of Power in the Nation's Highest Office had been derailed by Simon & Schuster on whose board was Bush buddy, Hugh Leidtke.   "What you see in this handling of the Bush memos by Rather and Mapes, the shelving of the story until it can do no harm to the planned rape of the nation and export of war, is in essence the neutering of the time honored Fourth Estate without which we are a ship without a rudder headed to the crags and rocks of an unredeemable legacy.   Another bright and shinning city on a hill sliding down the slopes beneath the mush of unsupportable assumptions atop the covering over of inconvenient realities and lies.  Bend over America!" concluded Colbachi.


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