Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


By Betty Yuras for CPW News Service

The 2014 film Imitation Game shows that "sometimes its the very people who no one can imagine anything of that do the very things that no one can imagine."

The code breaking machine that led the Allies to break the Enigma code helped to win the war.  Or did it?

The Hoover Institute's defector, Anthony Sutton, in  The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and other books said that super powers require worthy enemies and often fund the opposition.   Likewise, building consent for war requires bamboozling and finagling even if it costs lives in the short run, losing small battles to win the war while the social and environmental cost of the war is never adequately calculated by the post-war analysts and profiteers.

The evolution of the computer, seen as it is with the solving of the Enigma problem, might have had a quicker route to wartime resolution of conflict.  Most historians, noting that Nazi controlled Germany with only 30 percent of the popular support would likely have not survived the death of Hitler.

"Hitler had about as much support as George W. Bush, but controlled the numb nuts nation of Germany because of their historic roots in sun god worship and top down pyramidal Odin/Thor bimbology.  Early attempts at killing Hitler, had they succeeded, would likely have brought quicker peace, few deaths and less damage to the planet than the plotting of military scenarios ad nausea that evolved in the post-Enigma code breaking years.  Likewise, the evolution of code and cipher cryptology discovered by Enigma's leading code breaker because of his need to hide his homosexuality should have been reserved for other assholes wishing to play god with people's lives or avoided altogether with a policy of utter brutal transparency and forgiveness...kind of like what Jesus or Ghandi might have practiced, but reserving a lethal option in the most troubling of cases as Hitler, some would say GWB, clearly were.  If real evil was confronted with a swift and permanent resistance we can get on with the job of living on this increasingly endangered planet because of the wars and other bull shit that is destroying it," said historian and expert in military blood letting Dr. A. Tammy Ponn of the Scandinavian Research Institute in Helsinki.     Dr. Ponn is currently working on her lastest research focusing  on the subject of her latest paper: "The Enigma of Drones, Computers and the Temptation to Rule Outlying, But Richly Resourced,  Ungoverned Spaces."

Of special interest to Dr. Ponn is the evolution of Predator and Reaper drones created by George W. Bush's Skull & Bones fraternity brother and former business partner of Anastosio Samoza,  Linden Blue, who uses depleted uranium sabos to kill adversaries from a "a lofty platform circling above the courtyard and ready to take a million year half-life radioactive dump on your head."

"The problem facing Americans is that they have historically been free to speak the truth until war is declared.  When there is a universal unending war on terrorism their former freedom of speech can then be deemed by the dick heads as treason.   You know, the Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Karl Rove SS-types.  Having been fed the rote regurgitated renderings of their order's Wilhelm Wundt's workings and they don't know what the hell they are pledging allegiance to or for."

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