Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blatant Shortcoming In Jesus Tradition Reason To Doubt

Why Critics of Christianity Get Traction

By Rolland Skidmore, CPW News Service

      One needs not be a member of the American Athiest Society nor an unwavering fan of self-professed atheist, Bill Maher, to find the claims of Christianity absurd.
    Solomon “Pappy” Reeka of Queens, New York and a member of St. Bartholomew’s Greek Orthodox Reformed Christian Science Parish has written the new book Don’t Jump Jesus!

     “You have to figure that if Jesus was sitting on the pinnacle of the Jerusalem Temple when he was tempted by Satan to jump that Satan isn’t the evil bastard that we’ve always been told he was….ah, is,” said Reeka.
     “Jimmy LaCoste bet I wouldn’t jump from the steeple of St. Bartholomew’s to the roof of the fellowship hall, but I did it.  Broke my femur, but hey, I won ten bucks.   Satan was an old softy.    Turn stones to bread.   Jump.   Bow down and worship me.  What kind of ‘give Jesus an offer he can’t refuse’ is that?” asked Reeka.

     “Look, old man LaRocca told me that the Don would say….’you do it or your mother’s a blind mute and your father is ball-less and your litter brother is forever a soprano, too.’   Naw, if that Satan story was real then James the brother of Jesus would have been hobbling around on one leg and Jesus would have been a real schmuck for turning his back on his own flesh and blood,” said Reeka.  "As it is Jesus glides through the temptation from Satan in a fairy tale that leads him right up to Mel Gibson’s whipping when Satan would have surely given greater consideration to his incentives….at least like Caligula or Hitler or Stalin…..maybe like George W. Bush selling war based on yellow cake uranium.”

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