Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jim Foley, GlobalPost and American DisInformation on a Global Scale?

by Sherlock A. Columbo and Joseph J. Friday, CPW News Service

     As Great Britain publicly announces that they are close to finding James Foley’s killer, a group of independent online cultural whale watchers are seeking answers that may be in plain sight were readers to look beyond the misting blowholes of the surface spray.
     One calling his post “Unraveling the Matrix” has done a phenomenal job of analysing the evolution of James Foley’s employer, GlobalPost.

     Noting that GlobalPost has emerged since 2009 when it announced its contractual agreement with NPR for providing unique news content to the media, Unraveling the Matrix looks at the history of company’s advisory board.
     Of PBS, the author said, “It’s a government funded news agency.”  Indeed, it is closely aligned with the U.S. Information Agency.
     Noting the quick drop in GlobalPost subscription prices, but its continuing existence, Unraveling the Matrix zeroes in on its advisory board.  The advisory board includes Jonathan Moore, a former UN Development Program executive and John Hughes, Assistant U.S. Secretary of State and Asst. Secretary  General of the U.N..  Both men have deep U.S. Government and U.N. connections as well as connections to the Rockefeller Center where Moore is chair of the Board of Visitors.  He was also a special assistance to the Secretary of Defense and  the U.S. Information Agency in India and Africa.
     Paul Sagan is President and CEO of an internet network, AKAMI Technologies,  that serves between 15 and 30 percent of all Internet traffic and was founded by Daniel Lewin who was killed on Flight 11 on 911.

     Paul Sagan is also a former President of Henry Luce’s Time Magazine.
     “The GlobalPost is nothing more than a CIA Front,” said Unraveling the Matrix who missed commenting on another significant GlobalPost personality, Nicholas Negroponte, the brother of Bush family hatchet man, John Negroponte, who was sworn in on June 23, 2004 as Ambassador to Iraq, replacing L. Paul Bremer.    John Negroponte, Ambassador to Honduras during the Iran-Contra era,  sat next to George Tenet behind General Colin Power when Powell announced Niger's yellow cake uranium as justification for the invasion of Iraq. So now ISIS has become in the absence of the monitored madman, Saddam Hussein, a version of the missing Al Qaeda in Iraq.  ISIS is also in Syria, whose equally dangerous leader had expelled Al Qaeda after they left Egypt and Afghanistan finding refuge in Saudi Arabia where Bin Laden was the son of the Saudi Royal's chief  engineer. 
     "The current scenario is stacking up to be essentially the foreign policy coup that General Wesley Clark outlined in his books and speeches....a nation by nation plan to fuel the racket of war in the Middle East," said Burl Yuves of the Christian group "Study War No More" in Bute, Montana.  "Syria's Assad kicked Al Qaeda out of Syria when they tried to land there after leaving Egypt and before they joined the Bin Laden's lair within the Saudi Royal household.  Assad is brutal, but he is doing the same thing with ISIS which tells us what?  And who is funding ISIS, anyway?" asked Yuves.

Discredited CIA Director George Tenet (l), Gen. Colin Powell (c),
future Ambassador to Iraq.  John Negroponte, former
Ambassador to Honduras during the Iran-Contra scandal (r) seen here during
the infamous "yellow cake uranium" bamboozling of America
and her allies.
    GlobalPost's Nicholas Negroponte is known for his desire to put a laptop costing under $100 into the hands of millions of Third World children through "One Laptop Per Child".     The resistance to accepting the computers comes from families concerned that they contain a drone directing capability like those used in tracking phones in the United States or which killed the 16 year old son of an American citizen and prominent Muslim cleric who had aligned himself with resistance to American foreign policy and then was added to the growing list of Anti-American terrorists.

  Another GlobalPost advisor is John Hughes,  a graduate of Brigham Young University in  Utah,  where the NSA’s new massive data storage facility is currently nearing completion.

   "Here’s the problem,” said Dr. Ferdinand E. Nirgle, President of foreign service support group, “Faces of Change”.     “We can put a different face on the news, on the people that present it to us back in the States or abroad, but we never know if the work being done is information or disinformation.   Where is the truth? Where is the reality?  Was the death of James Foley really instigated by ISIS and what is ISIS?  It’s newer than GlobalPost!  Our CIA created Al Qaeda in Egypt within the Muslim Brotherhood to help the Mujaheddin fight the Russians in the mineral and poppy rich region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.   Then after the ouster of Egypt's dictator, Hosni Mubarak,  during  the Arab Spring, Egypt wanted nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, but longed for a truly democratic republic.  Are we to believe that ISIS was not also invented by us to help keep the pot of endless warfare boiling for the sake of the war racketeers?  Why did the FBI call off the FINCEN investigation back in 1992 that would have netted the Al Qaeda connection to U.S. airports since James R. Bath and the Saudi Royal Banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, had purchased an American airport for the Bin Laden’s in Houston..... Texas' Gulf Manor Airport..... which was razed after 911.   But No!  The FBI was backed off the investigation because it was too embarrassing to the same Iran-Contra bimbologists who cozied up to Saudi oil money when we have the technology to cut ourselves free of Big Oil’s  greasy chug-a-lugging.  Then, when 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia we invade Iraq?   Would the same bimbologists who sold us yellow cake feed us James Foley’s head to keep the war machinery grinding?  Is war a racket? Is George Walker Bush the son of George Herbert Walker Bush and are they related to the ‘Grey-Eyed Man of Destiny’ who was executed for his over reach and use of the Monroe Doctrine for personal gain before being executed in Honduras where his lousy carcass is buried? ”

     Washington Post reporter, Michael Dobbs, wrote of John Negroponte's part in the Iran-Contra actions for the Washington Post in a 2006 articled titled "Papers Illustrate Negroponte's Contra Role" (May 12, 2005, p A05) in which he stated: "The contrast with his immediate predecessor, Jack R. Binns, who was recalled to Washington in the fall of 1981 to make way for Negroponte, is striking. Before departing, Binns sent several cables to Washington warning of possible "death squad" activity linked to Honduran strongman Gen. Gustavo Alvarez. Negroponte dismissed the talk of death squads and, in an October 1983 cable to Washington, emphasized Alvarez's "dedication to democracy."
    Nirgle, noting the outcome of the Iran-Contra debacle and the reality of the death squads that Binns had warned against, also noted that everyone knows that Bush's legal advisor, Scooter Libby, went to jail for blowing Valerie Plame's cover as a CIA agent and wife of U.S. diplomat, Joe Wilson, who proved that Colin Powell's yellow cake uranium was dished up with sprinkles and glitter as another example of manufacturing consent for war.  "The only thing missing from Powell, Tenet and Negroponte's yellow cake was a few scoops of Neapolitan ice cream. This  troubling murder of Jim Foley is especially vexing because of its murky origins in the mysteries of America's whip lashed public relations mumbo jumbo and well-documented history of fight promotion and war racketeering and profiteering.  What was Iran-Contra, but that?  Plus, British Intel is telling us that a left handed rapper is the right-handed executioner.  Good god ya'll," said Nirgle.

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