Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

James Foley And The Danger of Truth Seeking

Tell Me No Lies: Jim Foley, Bill Stewart and A  Reporter’s Cut and Shoot Life

Click left photo for video of Bill Stewart's murder
in Nicaragua in 1979 by Somoza's National Guard.
Somoza's business partners were U.S. citizens, Neal and Linden Blue,
who were working on a new weapon for Somoza
and, later, the Contras....a "drone".   They stood to profit from
civil wars in Central America, South America and elsewhere where differing political
or religious ideologies could be ratcheted up into open conflicts.
by Greely M. Horace, News and  Commentary  for CPW News Service

    By now the tragic death of GlobalPost’s Jim Foley at the hands of a left handed ISIS operative with  British accent has captivated the American imagination and laid the groundwork for an invasion of Syria should President Obama decide to make it.
     This is, of course,  on top of a mountain of American mistakes in Iraq.   These include the failure to adequately establish a workable government there;  to reign in the corruption that brought Col. Theodore “Ted” Westhusing to declare he would be “sullied no more” before his confrontation with General David Petraeus about Iraq’s issues;  the tapping....hell, "draining".... of the American “arsenal of freedom,” much of which is returning to the U.S. in the form of Defense Department "gifts" to local law enforcement for  the ramp-up of police militancy at home; the morphing of a GWB-promised $60 billion war that would be paid  largely from Iraq's oil revenues into a U.S. tax-payer paid war of several trillion dollars.
     Meanwhile, questions about James Foley’s employer, GlobalPost, remain.   What does not remain is any question about the fact that journalism is  a dangerous career.

      Take Bill Stewart, the ABC reporter who on June 20, 1979 returned from covering the Iranian Revolution and hostage crisis to report on the brutality on the streets of Nicaragua under the notorious dictator Somoza.    Stewart was not decapitated.   Instead he was shot in the head as he lay in the street, his film crew capturing the brutal murder  on tape which was returned to the U.S. and aired for days on the major networks.  Stewart’s treatment was the main reason for the rapid demise of the Somoza government and President Jimmy Carter’s refusal to allow Somoza to relocate to Miami following his exile from Nicaragua.
     What was not known at the time of Stewart’s death was that within a year Jimmy Carter would find the lingering Iran hostage crisis killing his chances for re-election.  Daniel Ortega and his brother in Nicaragua were supported by moderates who believed that reform in Central America was essential  and that the power elites had monopolized the nation and that no Sherman-Anti-Trust Law existed for the common people, nor a broad network of responsible corporations as employers to help guarantee a strong middle class.   In the U.S. they were presented as far-left ideologues worthy of canon fodder.  Meanwhile, Ronald Reagan’s  campaign team was  working on an “October Surprise” before the November 1980 Presidential election seventeen months after Bill Stewart's murder.
     Stewart had just flown to Nicaragua from Iran.   What was he covering in  Iran?  That's the million dollar question!  Did he have any prior knowledge of this brewing “October Surprise” that reportedly was preparing Iran to receive U.S. military hardware for their war with Saddam Hussein in Iraq in exchange for a post-November release of Iran’s American hostages after a Reagan victory?
     The “October Surprise” was  a deal made between Iran and the Reagan camp and Iran’s leadership  that insured that the hostages would not be released until after Reagan’s  planned and much anticipated November victory, thus denying President Carter a pre-November announcement of a break-through that may have helped his election.  With President Carter as Commander and Chief the fact that a sovereign nation would be dealing with an element other than the elected U.S. President on the trans-shipment of U.S. weapons indicated that there is a U.S. shadow government in power.  Carter was not a second term lame-duck caught in the jump-start of an anticipated Presidential transition, but he had failed to act decisively on the OPEC oil shortage, which many believe was contrived and presented for Carter the type of scenario that Teddy Roosevelt would have found the occasion for nationalizing big oil as had been done on occasion with the steel companies and railroads.  In any case, the buck doesn't pass until after the inauguration according to the U.S. Constitution.  Dwight D. Eisenhower had warned the U.S. about this power, but had also served it for most of his life.

     Somoza was the business partner, according to Richard Whittle (Predator: The Secret Origin of the Drone Revolution, 2014) of the Blue brothers, Linden and  Neal Blue, whose company General Atomics would have offices at San Diego and El Mirage, California.  Their El Mirage location has a strange connection to Los Angeles' dark history and alliances while San Diego is home also to Neal's new wife and "the Navy Mayor of San Diego" where the SEAL headquarter come in the shape of a Nazi swastika.   The Blue's Predator and Reaper drones, the eye-in-the-sky killing machines, could have saved the Somoza regime with an "over the horizon" denial ability in the elimination of a pesky and unwanted journalist.  Instead, the executioner and his affiliations were caught on camera for all to see, but without the advantage of the unfolding history through which to put the reporters execution into clear focus.

     Now, it can be argued that though over 3,000 people were killed by the Nazi V-2 rockets built by Wernher Von Braun and that somewhere between 12,000 and 20,000 slave laborers died while building them, that the U.S. needed Von Braun's expertise to get to the moon.  It can be argued that although Neal and Linden Blue's business partner was the despicable Nicaraguan dictator and murderer of Bill Stewart, Anastasio Somoza Debayle,  that this fact should not color our perceptions of the hands on the U.S. drone's kill-buttons, but it does.  The CIA is not the USA!

     "Such a weapon of denial ability is clearly a threat to battlefield journalists and truth-tellers of all sorts and in the hands of the CIA, with Linden's connections to Skull & Bones and the conflicts of interest are glaringly obvious.  Anyone who has seen the film Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney know that flying may make us feel free, then invincible and then god-like and dreaming of when we were kids dropping water balloons down on people's heads from a tall building, but sooner or later we must come back down to earth where real people live.  Anyone who has read the book Bananas....not Dan Koppel's apologetic work, but Peter Chapman's Bananas: How the United Fruit Company Shaped the World and you will see there the chilling legacy of the CIA's stewardship of planet earth....when South and Central American bananas like those harvested by Somoza and Blue boys were dying from disease and  the healthier Indo-China variety was imported to replace them, then the defoliation efforts through Agent Orange provided a monopolistic edge that would have had Teddy Roosevelt....the conservationist that he was.....blowing the heads off of the Blue brothers and Somoza, but not from a distance of cowardly deniability!" said Central and South America watcher Fabian Colbachi.

     Two U.S. Ambassadors saw what had happened in Nicaragua,  Jack R. Binns and Robert E. White, U.S. Ambassadors to Honduras and El Salvador, respectively.  Binns wrote a book about his experiences in Honduras in 1980-81 which was published in October, 2000 two months before the Bush/Gore election that made 2000 an especially sensitive year for anyone that might provide reminders of the Reagan/GHW Bush Iran-Contra fiasco during the GWB election. White wrote of Binn's account:

Robert E. White     on October 6, 2000 

At the time that Jack Binns and I served as ambassadors, he to Honduras, I to El Salvador, revolution was sweeping over Central America. Although many in the Reagan foreign policy team knew better, it was the official position of the administration that these revolutions were not home grown but manufactured by the Soviet Union and Cuba. Binns pulls no punches in this lively, authoritative account of how a professional diplomat carrying out his instructions to calm trouble spots and strengthen democracy came into conflict with zealots who knew that their policy could not stand the light of truth. They pushed Binns not to report the facts about the corruption and abuses of the Honduran military. Binns stood up to these dishonorable and illegal pressures at the cost of his career. To those who follow Central America, this is an indispensable tool to understand how, within a few short years, the pleasant, easy-going country of Honduras was turned into a staging area for the Nicaraguan contras and the place where a CIA-backed secret battalion tortured and killed political dissidents. Never in the history of Latin America has a group of countries suffered such concentrated death and destruction as the United States, through its proxy armies inflicted on Central America during the 1980s. Read this book to find out how Washington officials refused to listen to sound recommendations that could have saved us a war.

     Was the Nicaraguan soldier who blew away Bill Stewart on the street in 1980 acting as a “drone” for the U.S. backers of Somoza in order to keep the story of the “October Surprise” from coming to light before the November election seven months after Stewart's death?  It begs the question especially when General Alexander Haig recalled both Binns and White so quickly after the November 1980 election with Binns being replaced with the future expert with George Tenet and General Colin Powell in Niger's provision of yellow cake uranium to Saddam Hussein.

     If Bill Stewart was covering the mounting evidence that a 1980 election year deal was being made with the Iranian Ayatollahs bent not only on war with Iraq, but a Sunni/Shiite "civil war" that feeds the Order's need for weapons profits and Stewart's sad demise would have been a serendipitous event for the Reagan political camp. History has shown in the Reagan/Bush Iran-Contra scandal, that Reagan, Bush, Poindexter, Weinberger,  Abrams, North and others were on the wrong side of history, but on the profitable side of the war racketeers, fight promoters and drug dealers.
    So today, we wonder why Central America is such a dangerous place and why people the world over hate drones?  Bill Stewart could have told us!  The truth is always covered by a swarm of lies and the journalist who seeks to shoo them away may be inviting them to light on his or her corpse.
    "With the Blue's Predator/Reaper drones costing about $38 million each, the Chinese are perfecting their own at about a million each with expansive production facilities and a memory of the New England Brahman China Trading class....progenitors of Yale's CIA elite, dumping of Pakistani, Afghanistani, Indian and Turkish opium on the Chinese people in exchange for their silk and other goods.... and the future looks, well, interesting from either the ground or at 30,000 feet!" said Colbachi.
    "A close analysis of the ABC's camera man's film of Bill Stewart's death shows the soldier on the ground getting his orders from an eye in the sky, likely in direct communication with Somoza," said Colbachi. "The soldier orders Bill Stewart to the ground then turns and looks up to the sky as if to say 'did I get the right journalist?'  Then he turns back and shoots him at point blank range.   The same can be done with battlefield journalists the world over which has me saying my prayers daily for the Christian T. Millers, Jeremy Scahills and other battlefield journalists," said Colbachi.  

Bill Stewart's killer looks to sky for  his "orders"
(at 27 seconds into video, repeated at 1:00).
Click photo for video.

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