Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, May 12, 2014

Out of Africa, Sharia Law and the Earth's Rotational Spin

Scientist Sees Human Evolution Waning

By Akooni Mochaddo King CPW News Services
     Science has taught us that all human beings descended from a common African ancestor sometimes referred to as “Mitochondrial Eve”.   The succeeding generations  of those that exited Africa where the earth's rotational speed at the Equator is faster than at the poles, like the outer edge of a turning carousel, is reflective of the 1,042 mile per hour equatorial spin versus the slower speeds as ones migrates toward the northern or southern regions.   "Out of Africa" indicates that human evolutionary development and the migration away from the equator was clearly going against the “flow”.  This is according to Dr. Medicus Dominion White of the Society of Scientists for Migration Analysis or SSMA.  "Migrates, like Canadian retirees or 'snowbirds' that just after retirement find themselves sucked toward the equator demonstrating that the entropy associated with no longer having the will or energy to resist the centrifugal pull toward the spinning circumference demonstrate the science," said White.

   “Yes, it’s true, though water will not all collect at the equator just because of the faster rotational spin of the earth at that locale, there are some significant factors mitigating against Northern and Southern polar migrations.  Those species and sub species that moved toward the colder climates and against the centrifugal force of earth at the Equator are clearly dissatisfied with the status quo, they only grudgingly sing songs like Bobby Ferrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy" or Pharrell Williams blockbuster celebration of contentment, "Happy", which has had a phenomenal 230 million internet downloads, mostly from people living along the equator.  For that reason alone it is no surprise that breakthroughs in science and technology came much more from those climates where innovation was essential for survival.”
    When asked  “Does this fact inform the growth of Sharia Law in Sub-Saharan Africa and the recent kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria?”   White indicated that the recent insertion of the U.S. military into the humanitarian search for the girls complicated the evaluation of what is really going on there.  When a U.S. Naval installation was targeted by a Chevron contractor which has, along with every other oil company, financial interests in Nigerian oil and other resources which are currently being siphoned out of Nigeria's Southern delta along Africa's Western "bulb", and then it gets complicated.   "Here we have the U.S. coming to the aid of the kidnapped girls, but who knows who really ordered the operation?" asked White.   "White men saving black girls if a marvelous PR program for an ongoing military incursion," White stated.   “Why can't the Nigerian military do it themselves?   Because their leadership is selling bogus investments to retired Americans via the internet?  Plus, girls are, generally speaking, easier to catch than boys and on the Serengeti the predators lazily pick off the slower game.  So, yes,  Sharia law certainly could find this a marvelously fertile soil for expansion, while the Muslims pride themselves on their religious advances and lose to the more advanced political, economic and military gyrations of their saviors.  You see it’s easy to cut off peoples hands and limbs when there is no need to incorporate them into the tribe where the tropical heat eliminated the need for fanning the fires’ flames  to bring heat and warmth.   We're not talking about a sophisticated assault on the larger tribe like bankers trying to control the whole planet which plays against this practical application of liberal values, shared governance,  and utilitarian principles.    It’s no surprise, therefore, that the more liberal Western philosophy found in  the Enlightenment, Renaissance and Reformation of Northern Europe bespeaks what we think of as the steady march of progress….in spite of the ways that progress has often more effectively served evil….and here I am thinking of the Hun's weapon making capabilities that thanks to Jewish “Out of Africa” innovations….as with Albert Einstein….when coupled with Werner Von Braun’s missile making and….well, you can fill in the blanks," said White.
     Today we have become so advanced that we are still using carbon based fossil fuels, of which 'Mitochondrial Eve’s' bones are a part, to send rocket ships into outer space.    Every Forth of July we ooh and ahh at Roman candles exploding overhead using sulfur and charcoal while NASA astronaut, Gordon Cooper and the highly decorated son of the Lear Jet inventor, John Lear, swore that there are aliens flying around the earth using some advanced form of propulsion that long ago left the world's oil refineries in the cosmic dust. We are a candle rapidly burning down the tallow of our existence,” said Dr. White.  “We need a new age of Enlightenment and clearly with what we see going on in the world....well,  we are rapidly moving away from that possibility.   On the other hand, if aliens are looking for an excellent source of carbon dioxide to feed the greenery on their planet, we are fulfilling our destiny.  They must have mind blowing ways of transporting it to their solar systems," White concluded.

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