Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Forever Evolving
By Gabriel Michael Angelos CPW News Service

      It is now apparent that the conspiracy theories are running rampant with respect to the cause of the car crash that killed handsome actor, Paul Walker, and his friend, fellow car racer and investment group manager with Merrill Lynch, formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith, Roger Rodas.
     As an investigator of bizarre happenings and a parent who has also lost a child in a skid-less, high-acceleration car crash, my heart goes out to Paul Walker’s family.

     I have read that Paul and Rodas who were both heavily involved in Paul’s charitable projects may have discovered some kind of plot to with influence recovery efforts in the Philippines where Paul was focusing his attention in the wake of Typhon Haiyan.   This seems a stretch or even a moot point.  Anyone who has read Sterling Seagraves’ books is fully aware that the Philippines which lie in a trade route across the Pacific from San Francisco to Hawaii in the East and to the Golden Triangle and Shanghai and the opium fields of the Middle East to the West, knows that the Philippines have always been filled with conspiracies.  Nothing new there, though Paul’s work for National Geographic’s Great White Expedition did take him to Hawaii, before Typhon Haiyan.  However, regardless of how many angles these conspiracies take…..birth control pills imported in foods that will thwart the Filipino population or tripping over a relief effort money laundering ploy, are conspiracy theories best aborted.
     As Paul’s father, the son of “Irish Billy” Walker, risk taking is in the Walker family DNA.  More importantly, if your DNA is tied historically to U.S. filibusterer, William Walker, or to America power elite, George Herbert Walker, there could well be a reason why there were no skid marks at the impact scene!

     It is common knowledge that when the Hank Paulson “Bail Out” was to have been a buy-back of toxic assets, but instead was used to bail out the big banks that continue today to sit on those assets, while Bank of America was forced, according to its President, Ken Lewis, to take the money only to be told that it must be used to purchase Merrill Lynch, we see that Roger Rodas may have had an insider’s seat at the 2008 money spigot in the middle of America’s royal court….Hollywood.  The “Pierce” in Merril Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith is a direct connection to Barbara Pierce Bush who directly connects to the powerful American and British/Scottish Walker clan.  With their connections to Mrs. Mary Harriman and her belief in Eugenics and the power of an ever evolving power elite, it is not a far stretch to think that the societal waters in which Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were swimming were indeed filled with sharks and not only “Great White” ones!  Just as Paul Walker was chasing Great White sharks across the Pacific, Billy Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush's nephew, had also stormed Hollywood and then went chasing Rhinos with funding from the World Wildlife Fund.   The WWF owes its beginning to an assortment of Darwinian evolutionists whose view of life works at counter purposes saving endangered species while celebrating the principles that propels the process of extinction.
     In the 1950’s organized crime created “Murder Incorporated”.   It is not a far stretch to believe that actors in America's "royal court" are an expendable asset whose tragic demise like Keith Ledger or Anna Nicole Smith actually trigger sympathetic ticket sales.  When billions of dollars are at stake and millions rest on a marginal fluctuation in the movie-goers' response, anything is possible.  Then when the studio that produces the Fast and Furious films announces that Paul’s charity will receive a percentage of Fast and Furios 6, the possibilities for twisted agendas thickens.

    Mr. Walker, have independent forensic experts comb through every fiber of the wreckage.   Don’t let the LA Coroner’s declaration of a mere accident close your mind.   A wayward coroner is a license to murder and a pedagogical one closes the case in people’s minds before the facts are all in.
     No skid marks? No real witnesses?  The police cordoning off the scene with yellow tape as if some of them initially suspected that they were dealing with a crime scene?  A fire…..a great destroyer of evidence?  I would leave no stone unturned!  Look into the background of everyone near your son.  Rodas and his business associates.  Vin Diesel and his associates.  The “Fast and Furious” franchise owners and promoters.

     Look into yours' and your father’s connections and ask “has my life or our collective lives crossed hot wires that arched some hidden circuit?

Jeff Hunter (l) and Paul Walker (r).
     Only then will you find any peace in knowing that you did all you could to understand what happened. Paul had the face of an angel, with those piercing blue eyes not unlike the actor, Jeffrey Hunter, who also died far too young.  Paul appears to me to have been a fine actor, but cast in parts  that never really fed his soul and perhaps left him, at some level, believing that forever evolving is, for some, what will lead to humanity’s de-evolution into simple pond scum.  He deserved better.  We all do.

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